Director of the Station and Private Laboratory  specializing in the interpretation of material on film  ‘‘Las Mercedes’’, La Banda-Santiago del Estero. Objectives: The raising, care, preservation, and study of indigenous and exotic fauna  overseen by the Provincial Office of Forests and Fauna in Santiago del Estero in the Republic of Argentina, in Resolution # 340 dated the 24th of July, 1998.


‘‘La Banda Heliport Pernigotti’’ in Argentina Armed Forces Provision # 26.198 dated 04/07/1998.

Investigator authorized by the Office of Forests and Fauna to carry out studies related to the colony of unknown insects ‘‘NOORHN’’ with the resources of Ento mology and pertinent related sciences, by way of Resolution of this provincial office. Resolution in process, 2019.

Coods: S-27 º 46 `1826“/ W 0 64º 13` 5542`











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