New Physics and Cosmology Theories about the Suspension and Separation of the Planets


Today, under certain premises, some scientific and others pseudoscientific and not admitted to by the Astrophysics and Astrobiology scientific communities, concerning the ambivalent possibility or the mystery that rocky meteorites ‘transmit life’, or that the asteroid Oumuamua possesses attributes that defy our laws of nature, steering itself along its trajectory not influenced by the gravi tational pull of the sun, through the propulsion of gases, or that this exceptional rock is only natural and not an alien spaceship, without setting down solid basis for these affirmations, originating in recent declarations of the Astrophysicist A braham Navi Loeb, Director of the Department of Astronomy at Harvard Uni versity in the U.S. which have the astronomical observers in suspense and which are resisted by the rigorous defenders of these disciplines, is what permits me to reinforce these ideas providing direct proof which I have had since 1992, to some of these hypothesis. Or in other words reaffirming that:

  • That this asteroid is only a natural rock,
  • That this rock is not technically an alien spaceship,
  • But that it is self-commanded naturally, on its own, by the actions of the tiny beings that live inside of it, and not by the propulsion of gases. It mo ves forward, turns, and stops of its own accord.

This is to say, being that the scientific circle of Harvard publically announced an apparently irrational perspective, today I am motivated to participate in the theo retical controversy created around Oumuamua, contributing what is necessary, with the presentation of a similar, NOOHRN, that exists among us and is within our close vision, and in their hands I leave the final conclusions.

During these last four decades, I gave NASA a 10-kilo ferrous meteorite (iron-ni ckel) from my personal collection, which was diverted to the Smithsonian where it can be found today, with whom at that time I had discussions about the charac teristics of the impact area and my method of cleaning the meteorite.

But today it is distinct with Noorhn, because it weighs approximately 120 kilos, or because it is a rock inhabited – according to my close estimation – by 2000 tiny beings and because through the internet we can remove any doubts in an instant and send any photos or videos that are desired.

In photos and videos taken over only a 40-day period, I have seen only five beings, each one different from the other. The more than one thousand cave entran ces/exits, and the five morphologic and colorful varieties obligate me to deduce this minimum magnitude of the colony. We shouldn’t lose sight of the perfectly concrete tacked plug in photo 9, which could indicate that flying or winged Noor hns live or lived there which made the superior cavity necessary for them to be able to land and take off, which is suggested by the winged helmet of Noorhn and the next one in size following him that can clearly be seen in photo 4, having win gs on both sides.

And above all, which I have proven, because the astrophysicists or ‘astroge nomists’ are not prepared to admit that we have in our houses the particles that they are diligently searching for in space, through their large and expensive teles copes. They fear that the discovery of alien life or beings will not be done by them, but by us. And their fear is justified, if we put ourselves in their place.

Because of these contingencies, they deny reality. Or maybe they deny us, the neophytes. But the prolonging of this denial – I am already 72 years old and my life is coming to a close and all signs point to an end where Noorhn will be the foundational stone of some neighborhood house – makes it necessary that new investigators who are not interested in the disputes which are today personal, come forward, with a micro medicine which is independent of the Astrobiology that deals with analyzing and sustaining the life of these tiny extra planetary bein gs that we possess, just like is done today with human embryos with fetal surgery during gestation.

How do I proceed to get the attention of these Harvard and NASA geniuses? Sho uld I tap them on the shoulder and say ‘‘Um… turn around, leave your telescopes for just a second and look at what I have in my backyard…’’, or ‘‘Look, here is what you have been looking for…’’? Or how will the legions of NASA scientists that today, or yesterday in Finland, as they will be tomorrow on Mars, lead excur sions looking for Martian bacterial life in the ice,hear me and change their plans and come to the warm lands of South America because we already have what they are investigating and they can see without microscopes that these tiny men have already grown larger than they could have imagined, and Noorhn has rea ched a multi-cellular state?It sounds like a crazy claim. Or think about the labo ratories of the Space Agencies that are in the development of equipment for bac teria analysis. There exist many commitments which make them unwilling to rethink designs or new projects, when facing the appearance of a new DNA and brainwaves that govern the faculties of the movement of the rock, if it is that it isn’t the will of both, undecipherable until this century or centuries to come.

I have tried with all of them, the scholars, the professors, both print and digital press, the Space Agencies of the U.S. and Europe. I think that they would be disap pointed to confirm the truth of this, and it would cause thousands of plans that they have for a surprisingly splendid futuristic life, which they desire, to fall; or promotions in universities or public or private laboratories. I believe that it would be bad news to announce to them that thisreality that is only supposed today by science, already exists since 1992 in another place of the planet. And there will be more sprinkled over the entire land-water surface of it.

Lost opportunities

My rock, Noorhn, (see photos 4) has had a history since 1992 with me and other peoples of my professional circles including my office and established field, but it isn`t of consequence to mention as at this time it is included in my chronicles, which I published with Amazon only for readers in Spain (In America it cannot be read.It is titled ‘‘The Society of Lonely Falcons’’ –“La Sociedad de Halcones en Soledad”), published under a pseudonym of Mateo Roxas de Oquendo, and in these texts are written all of the details which I pass over here.), trying to now extract from these extensive stories generated during my three completed expeditions – from this year up to two months ago – in inhospitable zones of America, and here I only share that which has ademons trated or demonstrable scientific connection. At the end of this article, I add many pho tos of the rock, solely for the readers who are experts in extra planetary ro cks.

I have given the name Hoorhn (see Photo 4) to the main insect of this colony of insects or beings that live inside the rock which, given its characteristics I arrived to Noorhn in search of history, because of the markings, signs, or hieroglyphs which could be present on its mass, or if the Inca had anything to do with it, and not as the result of my running after meteorites – many of which I have had to give away -, nor after strange beings that live in rocks, whose appearance to me was completely accidental.

Though it is true that I have ventured to open a door to the archeological past due to the mystery of its signs, I have ended up finding a window to the future, and not due to them, but to the inexplicable physical faculties of the asteroid. Noohrn is a mix of all of this and completely unrecognizable even to an expert in these fields because we are confronted with the unknown and unregistered.

The only recognizable part is that the rock has the appearance of  is a rocky mete orite of an already mentioned weight, of a markedly light gray color with a ver milion orange pigmentation, and showing other tones in the photos taken depen ding on the day, the time, the season of the year, if dry, or if wet for a period of ti me. It has the colors of Oumuamua.

Also noteworthy are the infinite entrances to this rock-cave, as are the plugs left in abandoned entrances/exits in the rock. Also repeated on the entire rock is a fi gure carved with the form of teeth or a saw, which I do not yet have the meaning of. In the photos, I show two holes which have recently appeared and were seen by myself, the author, during these 60 days.

Close-up photo of the rock, choose one with a red color

An unavoidable context to indicate the nature of the rock, to the author or its inhabitants, even in the case of not having obtained the pictures of them, and turned our backs on the multiple samples of their attributes to elude our natural laws which has been shown for years, is, I repeat, to observe the marks and stonework on the exterior of the rock, which are surprising.

The rock measures approximately 2 centimeters high and has about the same width. Its base is rounded. A few centimeters from the entrance to the cave that is shown in the photos there is a carved snake (See photo 7-8) of 13 centimeters in length and 300 microns in width, with 2 heads with the tongues of 50 microns extended, tattooed over a smooth space in the stone. It is impossible that this had been carved earlier, and today based on the primitive and modern day inhabitants of the territory, it could only be achieved with the use of a laser, equipment that does not exist in this province, which is also a land that does not contain stone carvings of snakes of any size. In archeology throughout the world, there does not exist a stone carving of this size. We must find the carver.

While I have not seen the stoneworker who carved the snake, I have been present when after an accidental bump to the rock, its inhabitants out of fear closed the entrance from the inside with a rocky material, resulting in a perfect seal, shown in photos 8 and 9. This is an ability that is unknown among our insects. However, just because an ability of technique is unknown, unreal beings  man that their au thors are also unknown.

Observe in this photo the four cardinal points or extremes of the small rock used for the seal and you will see that it is as if it were the same as had existed before the opening of the hole, based on the cuts which prove that it is a prolongation of the old encrusting that already existed as a part of the rock. This is to say, look at the small white rock in the middle of the photo that is a marbled white upright rhomboid figure, and see that it has been cut with millimeter cuts ‘‘to shape’’ to be used for this purpose.

In this same area of the rock and very close together another two intentional plugs can be seen. Without doubt this is another example of the authentic stone working seen in the filling of an entrance to the cave, which was abandoned and replaced with another opening, consisting of a variety of regularly shaped small rocks that were piled up and joined together with a joint cement of hardened sand, but a new category of beings

Noohrn – who is first in the photo, almost three times taller than the other two, appears to be a white soldier with a two-winged helmet on his head – and his colony up to this day are indistinguishable among the world’s entomology. Maybe they should be included, even at the risk that they may not be insects.

I add here a drawing of the complete face of Noohrn, although he only shows 75% of his face, as if he were spying on me when I alter his life and he comes out to look at me and what is happening on the outside. He looks out of the corner of his eyes and his left wing stays behind the cave entrance

What is clear is that they have light at the ends of their antennas, which function like extarms, and that they metamorphose their body and antennas instan taneously while they travel on the walkways or suspend themselves above the top leaf. They are able to reduce or increase their body mass 5 times the original size.


The beings inside the rock have three colors: white (which is seen in photos 4, 5, and 6), beige and black (which is seen in the videos). I hope to add more images to verify and certify these colors and specimens.

Today, and since March 3 of this year, I have them under observation through four full-color video cameras 24 hours a day with additional infrared and diach ronic lights to improve the images. Only one day, April 11, during both the day and the night they came out of their cave. They walk using muscle contraction and are slower than snails.

To this day, they have not come out to look for food. They do not capture the in sects – which are varied – that land on the rock both night and day. The beige and black ones appear to be about 1 centimeter in length, much smaller than their queen or king, Noorhn, who we only see in his photo, which I accidently and by good fortune obtained.

He, Noorhn, appears to mask his face with a helmet that is as white as he is (What is clear is that they have light at the ends of their antennas, which function like extended arms, and that they metamorphose their body and antennas instantaneously while they travel on the walkways or suspend themselves above the top leaf. They are able to reduce or increase their body mass 5 times the original size ) leaving two spherical cavities to allow him to see.His face measures 2 millimeters high which makes it possible that his body measures 3 centimeters tall, judging from the measurements of the black or beige ones.


We can also see that his helmet has both ailerons coinciding with his wings as     shown by the second specimen that is seen in the photo.

Undoubtedly, these beings possess abilities that lack a reasonable explanation. At best, if dealing with those who have an argument about other superior attributes that leave those who wish to justify their objective reality without breath, in jeo pardy of losing their credibility.

The intriguing attributes that they possess and that contradict our natural laws are the ones that surprise us, and when all combined, no matter how we label these as teroids and their inhabitants, it is obvious that we are being faced with the unknown and fascinating.

I have been to the National University of Santiago del Estero (UNSE) Entomology Department and the Miguel Lillo Foundation, the leader in Argentina in extraction and identification of insects, which also works in conjunction with Conicet and the National University in that area; and they oriented me, in this matter, to go beyond our limitations and in the end it will be the prestigious Spanish CSIC that will take charge of everything including the DNA analysis; the results of which will illuminate us if only by obtaining the standard genomic patterns of the common insect and comparing them both, which we hope for and are waiting for here.


Today, the aforementioned institute from Tucumán responded to me and the identi fication of the sample sent continues to have uncertain results which I had already imagined would happen.


Dr. Carolina Nieto sent me some photos of Lepidoptera larvae on top of the rock. I don’t think that they live there since they are plant eaters and could not get food from the rock.


“…In the photo that shows the filming cameras there is a tree. Maybe the larvae came from there.


With respect to the larvae that you sent me, it is of another group and, consulting with a specialist in aquatic fauna I believe that it is a Chironomidae (a group of aquaticDipterous, the Dipterous include flies and mosquitos) larvae.-Regards, Adria na Chalup…”


The video recordings obtained up to now, that show what appear to be inexplicable white features, like an instantaneous metamorphosis in battle, retracting, branching out, and increasing its body size by four times, or projecting directional lights – like lasers – onto a wall that is four meters away, make it necessary to repeat these scenes in order to make a broader comparison, given that today there is a lack of definition from the cameras at this distance.

Oumuamua moves and changes speeds on its own, Noohrn does this as well and much more than this, and I don’t doubt that other asteroids do the same, but a new category of beings. My first experience with the additional, irrational force of this rock was impactful and frightening, before a numerous group of people, which none of them has forgotten to this day

Admitting to the possibility that Noohrn and Oumuamua move of their own accord, would be the equivalent to scientifically validating exceptional force which is as yet unknown in space nature, putting forth that these attributes of large masses of material, such as planets and stars, are the cause of the suspension and separation of and between them in space, without the participation of other foreign particles on these objects, also mentioned by Einstein’s theory, but by the curvature of space-time itself.

It is true that Dr. A. Loeb used an unapt expression, classifying it as an‘‘alien space ship’’ which infuses fear into the public because they imagine conspiracies, which a re rooted in the collective imagination. While not fitting this description techni cally, it is a rock thatmoves by the will of the little men with white helmets, in com munity with the rock itself. Together, they form a unique, inseparable nature.

Or in other words, it is not an alien spaceship, but rather nature, pure and unk nown.

To Abraham Navi Loeb and the other investigators in his Department of As trono my, to NASA and the Canary Islands Observatory, and to others (in vestige dores Da vid Trilling , M Mommert  JL Hora, D. Farnocchia, P. Chodas, J. Giorgini, HA Smith , S. Carey, CM Lisse. M. Werner, A. McNeill, SR Chesley, JP. Emery, JP. Fazio, YR. Fernández, M Marengo, Müller, A Roegg, N. S. mith, HA Weaver, K. Meech, M. Miche li, Amir Siraj-estudiante de Harvard-, Olivier Hainaut, Davide Farnocchia, Detlef Kos chny, Markus Bauer, Michael Finney, a la Nasa: Alan Stern, Thomas Zurbuchen, Geo ffrey Marcy y Mario Pèrez, no security they have opened or read), I have sent va rious correspondence with so me of the photos. I could not hope to receive a response from them as I, the author, am not a student of these sciences, but I was happy to read in the London Daily Mail, on a date after the correspondence was sent, an update and flexibility to the first postures of this Astrophysicist which had at first suffered a general rejection from the academic world and is now incurporating as a possibility that Oumuamua could be considered a natural phenol menon and also now admits that we could have had other asteroid impacts of a smaller size, measuring up to 1 meter, and insisting that they could have trans mitted life.This concept, the last one, had al ready been accepted by the sciences and by NASA and is in accord with everything in Astrobiology, to those who take part in these stu dies. It is obvious that Loeb has seen my correspondence, or third parties have do ne so on his behalf, and he has opened the door to all of the possibilities.

Today it is accepted that rocky meteorites transport bacteria or single-cell orga nisms and deposit them on our planet – even though for the sciences, there is no known case and they will resist the acceptance of Noorhn – and could implant in us microscopic life. And you already know that all organic life begins as a single-cell organism, which evolves, then becoming multi-cell organisms as are the species known today.

The asteroid, during its trip, has ice in the center and upon impact with the earth, the ice remains for an undetermined amount of time, although the exterior part of the rock may be red hot.

I hope to continue to contribute to the sciences, from my laboratory in my provin ce, known to be a landing strip for asteroids.

Noohrn, having emerged as bacteria from the volcanic shell, has existed on my land for thousands of years in the state of single cell organisms, and now, due to the evolution and transformation, we can meet and photograph them in a more complex and interesting state, and it is the first to show itself and give this breaking news.


But, if you knew more about them, even though they appear to have inferior analytical and other intelligences to ours, but with superior attributes which we do not possess such as higher self-direction or disproportionate traction, or the ability to influence and modify their environment and at the distance that for now we are able to learn about them, it shouldn’t surprise us that Oumuamua is distancing itself from our solar system because they naturally perceive that they are being observed and their tiny crew fears some sort of danger. And why not see it this way, if we too, despite the distance which separates us, are observing Oumuamua 24 hours a day and we could capture any signals that they might emit, and immediately, because the laboratories are paying close attention to everything. In addition, newspapers from the U.S. and Europe have suggested the idea-thesis of Martian espionage and you can imagine the logical reaction of the public who have even suggested bombing them. This does not have a solution to avoid it, when it comes to the policies of security.

It is to be hoped that from my field laboratory, and not from another, ways of possible communication with Noorhn could be organized via a visual language through which inter action could take place. I have already begun this task through plans of slow coor dinated adaptation.

Noorhn and its colony have shown me in these 27 years that they have only median and defensive intelligence for their own safety, which every creature on this planet also instinctively possesses. Noorhn turns to subjective tricks, which eclipse us and make us keep our distance from them. They live with me until they decide otherwise, as they have made me understand on various occasions, and I have had to move them to other sites, farther away, and more isolated, for a time. For now, they have settled down, or become accustomed and I do not know how long it will last. I do not interfere with them, as I do also with the other species that live in my establishment of flora and fauna, and none of them leaves if I do not break the rules, which are my own, of coexistence of different species inside the same habitat, peaceful to all of them. The wire fencing seen in the photos, which encloses Noohrn, is to protect it from domestic pets.

I intend to keep them until I learn more about them. I recently installed the cameras for control and observation: on March 3rd, 2019 and we have advanced a little, given that it is a field of nullified knowledge due to its own undiscovered nature.

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