Six races of tiny beings live together in a small volcanic rock.

Brothers, family, friends, and especially to the directors or their delegates that represent the Provincial Departments of Forests and Fauna, and the Department of Mining, under whose jurisdiction this sanctuary is found; of Patrimonial Goods and the Provincial Highway Administration; Professors of the Catholic University of Santiago del Estero and the National University of Santiago del Estero who have joined us at the last minute, and in particular to the representative of the Miguel Lillo Foundation of Tucuman.

But who is this foundation? I introduce them because of what recent news articles say about their institutional objectives: That they are signing an agreement in New York to collaborate on the future of everyone, for missions to space or for when this planet can’t withstand any more and we must leave it, this foundation investigates the quinoa plant that is apt for all altitudes surely to grow on Mars, as a diet for the colonizers; and above all as an observer of the toxins that are formed because of fungus in the space ships. Don’t you think this foundation has a formidable mission?

I am here, doing the exact opposite of Tucuman. This is the night for you to meet Noorhn, king of the gnomes. Or to put it another way, I am only telling the story with this cone of shade about what the depths of the Earth are like, and showing those that live their in their true form.

It would be the first announcement of a new form of intelligent life on our planet and of its origin on a new interterrestrial continent in the center of the earth, both of which were discovered by the same person.

But first you need to know how different it is to travel to space, as it is only a question of time until we reach all of the stars in the galaxy and do there what we do here, and what it is to go down into the earthly subsoil.

Entering into the center of the earth does not yet have a sure nor figurative future. It is more difficult because on the journey of more than 6,000 kilometers, we start with the first section of more than 1,000 kilometers of sedimentary rocks which we need to drill through, unless we jump in a free fall from the open mouth of a volcano for the first few hundred kilometers and then slide while doing hundreds of somersaults until we fall into the magma, which is molten and incandescent rock. There is a blanket about 3,000 km thick of this liquid that flows and circulates at high speeds, which causes

terror just to imagine that we could go through it even if it were done in special vehicles. Think for a moment that we have managed to get through the magma and now we face another journey of more than 1,000 km of metal, iron and nickel, and only then, after getting through by perforating the metal with hammers or laser drills, will we be in the great hole in the center of the earth, where we will be surprised by the appearance of life of an unknown nature. You can see beyond these windows in my country house a few of them.

Even though we have limitations, because up to today what we know about our subsoil is only through the radial waves that we send, and according to how and where these waves rebound, we can determine what the nucleus is made of or through the expanding waves due to tectonic movement.

But not everything is gravel and metals. There are cracks that exist between the sections. There is life that flows from one section to another in its bacterial state.

Of what importance is this simple fact, that we now know about this interterrestrial life?

There are theories that say that our ‘little friends’ are close cousins of those interstellar Martians that this world longs to meet, and that our Noohrns are the closest thing possible to these Martians that could exist, be it for the weightlessness or gases that are the law of both spaces or for their processes of formation. We must keep in mind that new hypothesis hold that it is the earth that sent Martians to other planets, when outer parts of the planet were detached and earth’s bacteria were carried by asteroids. I would say that rocks with bacteria are interchanged between all of the celestial bodies.

Do you want to feel that it is this way? I invite you to softly sit on my couch, that I use everyday to visit them, and you will be transported to the beginning of times, and you will realize that you are close to perhaps the oldest ecosystem of intelligent life that has survived intact.

Being here is as if we were to find a cave in the remote mountains, or in the ocean floor, and entering it we saw living there, for the first time, our first ancestors, naked and doing their chores and whatever we can imagine.

Equal to this is the brand new news that the search for these beings in bacterial state has already begun, with the risky hope that they will be found more evolved than simple single cell microorganisms. These explorers could not believe that in the city of La Banda, we are gathered, seeing them and sharing music and their stories, all properly documented and present. But the Europeans don.t say that they are looking for gnomes, but for bacteria from the deep. It is more appropriate.

But our little friends are more evolved that those primitive children of God in the caves, because these tiny beings already leave us signs or glyphs on the walls of the rock, waiting to discover their alphabet, which is the step prior to writing.

But these studies collide with an insurmountable barrier: If I take a close photo of the rock, within seconds they cauterize or cover up the signs that are engraved in the wall with a rocky paste. For the past 27 years they have been doing the same thing to me. Could it be that they do not want us to discover their intelligence? I do not know.

At least, calling them gnomes means not ignoring what humans have observed since ancient times and the names that they have been given. They have been attributed with the love of the construction of string instruments similar to violins and cellos. Manuel de Falla, a notable Spaniard whose name is used on many streets in Spain and Argentina, who moved to and died in Còrdoba, composed ‘The Courtship of the Gnome’ for piano in 1901. I play J.S. Bach’s ‘Suite #1’ on cello for them as part of my daily pratice and another song that I composed for them that is titled ‘For peace among the gnomes of the Kingdom of Noohrn’ in homage to the uprising of May 8th this year, when the ‘Intruders’ faced off against the ‘White Ones’ and the ‘Great Captain’ which is when the rebel was executed by the ‘Evil Spiral’ and the ‘Great Captain’ in that order. I participated in this conflict by removing the dying intruder from the battle field, which is when I took some photos of him and a seconds long blurry video, because it was the first time that I had used that function. I hope, for my own good, that I didn’t offend Noohrn by helping one of his treasonous and seditious traitors when he was dying.



Before we go in to look at them, I want to make completely known three of my findings, which are:



I have found a new form of intelligent life, as that is how they prefer to call it, but that in my opinion is a new form of life differentiated by their natural and spontaneous attributes.



I have discovered and found evidence of the existence of an interterrestrial continent located in the middle of our planet.



I have also found and discovered that an atmosphere and light exist on this new continent, the first being indispensable for receiving life and the second one is an option that does not determine life.



And that it is evident based on the laws of probability, that in this continent that I have baptized as the ‘Great Kingdom of Noohrn’ and inside a landscape of rivers, clouds, rain, and mountains, there live and dwell two different species of life that are the ones that you are seeing now around you: They are there, our same human race in a more evolved state, and these tiny beings, ‘Noohrn’.

The repeated proof of this comes into sight.

‘The evil spiral’ and the ‘superfast copulator’ are aeronautic designs.

The first one turns around its axis to move itself sideways, making up for the lack of feet. In one 180o turn it moves 1 centimeter at great speed. See the video.

The second is an imperfect design if it wants to have a level flight to its destination. Instead of having symmetry on both sides of the axis, it is asymmetrical, however it has perfect flight although it rebounds between the rock and the floor. Is it imperfect, or should our aeronautic industry run virtual trials of this model?

In the case of the ‘superfast copulator’, we see him clearly in the video when he jumps on top of his mate, ‘the intruder’ that lands at the foot of the rock. I do not mention here the way that he disappeared after two hours of mating, unless it repeats itself. But I will say that his leaving is similar to a boat that slowly and silently submerges itself in the water, except that here it is sand and rock.

But what means are there to test my theories?

If the genetic inheritance shows the aptitude for flight, it is because the early ancestors belonged to a place with an atmosphere.

Both require air to activate the functions that were assigned by nature.

And the light the exists there in the depths? We can see their principal abilities in the video. There are two: one, that they mix feel with low light, and the other is the light projected in the form of beams of projected light with pronounced intensity.

And why is the human race that lives there so much more advanced than us?

Following the laws of possibility, it is because if the center of the earth came before the surface, our bacteria were established there first and later on the surface of the earth. And after this, up to this day, the bacteria continue going down because of the weight, gravitational pull, and other factors such as pressure, temperature, seismic movement, etc.

Everything indicates that life there is much more advanced than ours. And if each square meter of earth down there receives from above everything that is decanted from a surface are much larger than this size, then abundance must reign in the center of the planet.

And if for each gram of earth there are 400,000 bacteria, why haven’t they admitted that just as every seed that is planted produces fruit, that there in the depths of the earth the same life exists as on the surface? What would give reason to the fact that they reproduce on in one place and not in another?

It makes sense that if bacteria has risen to the level of my house, then why can’t other other bacteria descend?! What or who contains their inevitable wild descent to this new continent or interterrestrial world that I am discovering today?

All cultures throughout time have contributed to this way of partially seeing reality, that everything that is bad, harmful, or disposable is down below and the pure and hope-giving is above.

But the fact that Satan’s hell or scientists’ cauldrons may exist down below does not disprove that a great open space exists for this new subterraneous world that I am discovering.

With Copernicus, who followed the astronomer Aristarchus of Samos, a disturbance reigned, because he was sure that the Earth was not still but that it rotated around the sun at great speeds producing at least panic, fear, and dizziness among the public. The church, with good sense, asked him to publish his ideas, but as a hypothesis – which they also did with Galileo years later – that in the end was only a paper filled with mathematical calculations and geometric figures. Its author is not accepted.

I think that something similar will happen with my discoveries, because I am showing real beings in the flesh and have proof in photos and film as well, of things that before only lived in the imagination. We feel threatened by the thought that our dominion could be shared with unknown beings from below. We stop being absolute in our properties and homes, which we feel are threatened. Now it will not be UFOs that visit us, but our neighbors from below that emerge from the water, the volcanoes, and from our fields or backyards.

This will become even more serious when the DNA results return that are in process at the Miguel Lillo Foundation in San Miguel, Tucuman and in transit to South Korea. They are 90% sure that the DNA does not coincide with any of the sub-kingdoms of known bacteria and they will say that this is no longer just the personal opinion of the author, but truly a new reality that we must admit to and get used to; that from here forward, we are not alone on our planet.


5th  Discovery and no less remarkable.

Yesterday, October 10, 2019, is the date during the period of pollination and flowering of the Algarrobo tree that is next to Noorhn’s rock, when another new intraterrestrial species appears, as you will see in the video, that I call ‘Superfast Vertical Drag Green Leaf’.

Laying on the ground, in the same position and without movement for 22 days, she is 4 to 5 cm long and less than 1 cm wide; she leaves slowly and then gathers great speed on the floor of the rock. I did not know about her, since I have just discovered that she comes outside because with the pollination of these small flowers, she is confused in this landscape full of vegetation. It is a windless day. Good. What does she tell us, being the only species that has color – green?

That her ancestors lived with predators who they tricked by disguising themselves to look like the surrounding vegetation and in this way went unnoticed, just as happened to me until today. And it is quite obvious that this habitat is fed by a sun.

There is a high percentage of true certainty, up to 50%, and I have already stated this in another of my works, that imaginatively this is the composition of the center of the planet, with a small sun down below which together with the new continent of the Kingdom of Noohrn turns as a reproduction of that which is our exterior.

This should not surprise us, because it gives shape to the hypothesis that the center of the earth is a cauldron.

Full Screen Video: 1 hour in length

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