TO THE SUN WITH THE SOLICIT, that gives us life, that preserves everything known and existing, that protects, orders and controls them in their First Dimension, a new era will be opened to their knowledge from another perspective due to their duality, which today it is seen by its imperial action that it is beyond matter, and above all Dimensions.

I repeat two scenes.

Upon entering the courtyard I look at the Solcito, and for almost two minutes its light wobbles in regular flashing. Like a mechanical sweep. Or do power outage. Or rise and fall in height. It is not a coincidence. As unusual as it may be, watch it in past videos. It is not the first time that you see this event

Or how am I going to propose to you not only irrational phenomena, but also to argue the existence of a personal relationship between a star and a person when I interact with it, without considering it a wrong to your intellect?

Because neither does he behave entirely like a star.

Sometimes it seems that the sky is too small to fit in it, and at others it seems to fit comfortably in my pocket. Maybe it just looks like that, and deep down having another explanation that you could think of

Or else, how dare I show its implications, if not because of a previous process of requests fulfilled? Or how do I show the essence of his own distinctive brand to him, that the symbol of three emblematic parts in a single body, but comes from my claim and an express concession ?.

The results of my contact with him, it is not because of my discovery that I arrive by luck, chance, or neglect of him to appear before my cameras, as if he were a species of our fauna that ignores what our cameras arrive at, because these beings also have it and more, superior or different from the human, as they will have already noticed by its attributes.

All this happens for a purpose that is not mine. So we are already talking about people and not stars. They are misunderstood communicational interrelationships, but not chemical physical properties of matter. We are now beyond all this known to the Sun

And if we talk about the Sun missionaries who come to my house every day, like everyone else’s, but with different nuances, then who is it that lives inside my rock, because it is whom they visit and who they spread their lightning, that with others does not.

I estimate without risk, that it is the one we have seen before, leaving my Rock, transported in a strong brown case-cover, and lighter in its throat ring, reminding us of those pharaohs and monarchs of yesteryear carried in their carriages gilded and pulled by their showy white corsets? Have you not been impressed by the relief that surrounds this white being that immediately plunges into the electrical device destined for the center of the Earth?

Who is he or what universal authority does he have to be visited by none other than the Sun himself and his tiny copy of the Solcito?

If there is an order in them, it corresponds that it is the anonymous immediate Superior Authority of the Sun, of unsuspected and unrevealed powers, and being another depository of the Full Knowledge of all the Universes.

We infer therefore that the Solcito and this one that I prefer to call him the “Anonymous Hierarch Maximum Corseted”, will be among the main Fundamental Forces of this First Dimension, forcibly leading me in appearance by this use of paleatives, and confusing the reader for these characteristics of fiction , which introduces us to the genre of mythological literature, neglecting that these are new findings that strictly intend to constitute useful bases for scientific research.

And if you do not accept this, at least acknowledge that they possess natural and spontaneous attributes that man will probably never understand.

So nothing surprises you.











Look for them in FILMS COVID- 19 with this title to one

And like 6/25/2020 MANY PLANETS ESCORT THE SUN to each other

The Sun with the Solcito, this one with its characteristic short and moving ray, the translucent orange planet (top left) that meets them increasing its size, the green escort in a visible section, two other new strangers stuck together, with rotating interior colors, but fixed to the floor (bottom right) and another large white up there as if orbiting the Sun, and all descending to my house and marking unseen particulars before

I show them on two cameras during the hours of 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. ‘”

But today and always the Solcito dedicates 5 to 6 hours for my house. But how can this be explained? And its occupation for the other colonies?

Because I see that it does not descend into other territory. Could it also multiply in infinite dimensions and fulfill at the same time also in infinite spaces? It would be possible










It includes two escort spheres and small rays of the Solcito and I have to continue with these tests until checking the exceptions to this natural condition in the First Dimension

















Lattice – Fabric – Matted Turnbuckles – Supports of the planetary system.

I had given up on continuing to show these, whom you would take as spider webs, and fall into my disrepute before you, for theorizing something so fundamental, attributing its protagonism to a terrestrial spider, although they already know it doing inspection work to the video cameras with their tantacles and points of light or disappear penetrating the Noorhn rock, although imperceptible to a quick or careless glance.

New evidence for more clear and evident to be of another civilization.

It is undeniable that this being white is an apparently replica of any one of those who live among us.

Review those spatial images of the moon and there will be those who will not be able to avoid feeling some fear that this is our reality or the basis for future theories.

But now I certainly provide evidence to my theoretical postulates about the support and alignment of the planets in their journeys without a destination port.

Because if we admit the absence of gravity, we could raise and guide the planets with thin cotton threads, without the need to resort to these arginians of apparently superior and indecipherable powers, which like the entire colony, metamorphose their limitless volume and project white beams spherical equal to those of the Solcito, and to those that the inhabitants of my Noorhn Stone possess.




















I have departed from the previous images, to highlight the characteristics of this being.


4th video of 1 ‘: 12 ”
It hangs on a pendulum, with a clean jerk, as if it were children playing in the parks. He walks or glides with legs, as we see him do it on the lens. It is the first individual of animal species appearance on our earth’s surface.

This undermines his aptitude for space and qualifies him for tasks with adherence to the ground, but I keep going because our logic misleads us, which would also reject any argument about what we know and see about the archangen, even if it is the Moon walking between its braids that would make all knowledge sustained by millennia fail

He describes his condition as matter in his body and cord, like the other inhabitants of the Noorhn Stone. We have seen this one pierce the stone. For him, being matter or just energy is his choice. Also have a minimum dimension that for that reason they would not have noticed in their existence, when they traveled the area inspecting the cameras. He is an electronic technician, in his slightest knowledge.






This phrase is a synthesis that we would tolerate in another galaxy, but not here, let alone making history of our planet and its first organized civilization in colony, with underground beings endowed with universal attributes, in times when Earth was only an asteroid.

The red / orange / green balls that I show you so much and that I take so much in my hands, are the same projections of the Solcito that you have seen frequently? Or are they also the same star that accompanies the Sun, and previously seen on one of the faces of the Norhn rock, after going through a reducing mechanism by transformation?

First they are small, 50 cm in diameter and as three different but separated in three colors, and then in minutes when they gradually leave the place, they expand to unify in a single large translucent star with three modules with those same colors.

This matamorphic process – this term is worth it – they see it in videos, starting on camera 01 E./N and continues on camera 03 E / N re-filmed on the mobile, since the recording equipment cannot do it simultaneously to several screens together.

We need to determine if the Solcito is the same meteorphose translucent star or not. We see them all in the same situation, but not yet as the star passes to solcito, although the opposite of solcito to star when it is already divided into two or three tiny spheres

As in “man can intervene in the other dimension” or another one of those, with total certainty the green, red and violet spheres are outputs or emanations of the Solcito, where there is no place for the idea of ​​corresponding to another star, and if, of being the large star divided into small spheres, although this is reversed when the red sphere on the back of the chair appears in another video and the translucent star complete but metamorphosed to a meter in diameter. It can be between us or between planets

We can observe that star coming with the Sun before descending into my house, and how it overtakes it by orbiting it or placing itself below it, pretending to become the Solcito right there, or to take its place, although later it appears divided again, because all these changes are allowed

But this opinion is revisable by the previous video of 06-25-2020 when at 3:50 p.m. and another one the next day, which shows 1 E / N at the same time, (which lasts 1 ’29 “), the retreating star and the Sunshine still on my ceiling and that from its greatest height exhibits its particular isolated ray, friendly and moving, that is, the Solcito is different from that transparent star.

But these films are not decisive because the translucent orange star is alone without those green and red spheres that we thought were your same divisions and in another video we see them both separated by meters, for the only time

It helps to understand that all these forces participate together and undergo transformations of all kinds that prevent them from being explained by a law that anticipates or denies them.

But all these stars and phenomena come and go together at the same time

I would say that it is another and uncomfortable conception of a new astronomy still unthinkable

See yourself as first they are alone or with me, and then they leave this property and go in what seems to be orbiting next to the Sun.

You will also understand me when I say that the Sun is more than just a great star, as we understand it to be today.

In the remote photo and video, see them on my patio and around the volcanic rock, which rests at the foot of that carob tree that you see from afar. Yes. At the bottom of where the camera points, is my house and where Noorhn’s orange tent is.

They come for him






















March 10, 2021

I repeat it. It corresponds to November 25, 2020. I would have to reinsert it in each Section, not only because it is the most viewed, but also because it shows his body movement. In addition to the fact that the content of this website is very long, most readers enter only one section or another and fail to see that these beings by their will if they have sustained movements in a way that we can recognize.

And for this reason these new forms of intelligent lives are precisely misunderstood, because they lack movements. For months, night and day in quiet that is not leisure. They make and carry out their natural mandates. Although always stiff, which, added to their lack of defined lines, resemble for these causes more indefinite spots or small white or raw clouds without bodies or faces floating, than to intelligent beings or individuals or animals of our nature that have been seen or imagined.



That is to say that they have no recognizable form, to suppose them to be “lives” by themselves, nor their intelligence since they cannot distinguish a face where it can fit. No feet to walk or mouths to feed. At least now we see him doing “braceadas”, in the style of our dancers. As for the face, once I manage to see it only to this being, and to others but in doubts today.

In this video one of them “comes alive” because he moves abruptly for the only time and without concealment in annoyed response to my express request not to leave that music room until they show me his face. After a month it fulfills in this way how they are seeing it and moves to the adjoining gallery. The other that you see next to him, continues for 5 months also faithful to my request to always have him close to me in case I need him. But to make it possible, I do not allow anyone to enter, or to clean that room. I have it closed although I can enter without turning on lights, unless it is from the cell phone.

I will repeat it in more, to help the understanding that the stillness of those other figures, is just a pose chosen by their nature, and that I compensate it with the animation accelerated by spacers of the cameras in intervals of 30 “each. , that otherwise they would go unnoticed.





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