Strength in the sense of exceptional contacts between both dimensions, but which nevertheless are fundamental to begin to establish in order to promote unprecedented but massive observation, under which and from an early age they will be disturbing and will tend to the formation of the scientist, if our attitudes ” reactum “in the face of the unknown, they change from now on, because we do not seek the sophistication of knowledge, but to find the complete identity of our very nature, or at least of the two that coexist in the same space-time and between whom we are visible and tangible others, with their early restrictions

It is of the first order to know that this topic only concerns knowing it in our dimension, to study the benefit that we can obtain, because from the other, “they” know everything about us and can accompany our movements or avoid them in zero or instantaneous time. Ejm of this is when it does 10 ‘I approach the tentacle of 4 meters 50 cm of the Cosmic Aragnido and at the touch of it it goes away and waits about 10 “to return to its position. But at the time it is installed at my entrance door.
I give this data that characterizes the entire colony: it has been days since its reappearance in that position, oscillating only this member by 20 cm on both sides of it. I have it filmed, but I am not dressed decently. Plant life can be immobile for more than 21 days, which is the time saved that the equipment tolerates.




At the last minute I shoot other videos, but pay attention to the 37 “- 2:56 pm where I use my favorite instrument which is the mouse pad, which is a two-dimensional image separator safely, and in the absence of cameras witness videos.

But what looks interesting, besides the other known visitors? Al Solcito with its real measurements and color

And here lies the main element that elucidates the essence of all this work

The Solcito is that same emblematic symbol composed of three elements in one, which appears to measure less than 15 cm in diameter, with the relativity that we know them

This phenomenon of the Solcito and his escorts, in a scenario that has amazed us, is losing strength, and surely due to the movement of the Sun, and I ignore the dates of its next reappearance

And finally, it is pleasant to conclude this work by which I present a new civilization of diverse races, completed with its Sun and Solcito and its own Moon with its satellites in defined forms.



The first is what we expect, and they are almost the totality, that everything that happens in one dimension is neutral or inert in the other. Today it reflects the palpable reality in the order of 100%, discounting some lines, which are the ones that I am going to try to name for now, pointing to the first basic ones, which will increase within the promising scientific framework.

But for a future that will surprise us, these are the ones that will be used statistically as indicators of the variations of these minifractions or rays, and those of greatest public interest for monitoring scientific successes in the field.



They are the ones that offer the greatest difficulties in identifying them, but they are undoubtedly the most abundant. My attribute of resurrecting flowers responds to this category, like anticipating events. Or think of the influencers of or among our still unknown phenomena, and we will understand.



They are those that moving a piece in one dimension causes a reaction in the other. I will have time to dedicate myself to these tests. The last one, is the recently commented one of the Cosmic Arginid when I overlap him, he moves away until today.

We already have a list of them checked and previously seen, in the updates of the links of the causal link of one dimension, with its repercussion in the other.








Both the attributes of the recently seen arachnid, such as the power of a vegetable to transfer to the stone by its ability to convert, or the planets that through their power to metamorphose become an egg, or make their copies of any measure and without disintegrating none of them, and the surprising specimen of the 4th Color of organic constitution, which in my presence instantly reduces and divides its 20 cm body by several millimeters, are not perhaps the “mystery agents” for quantum mechanics, due to these aptitudes or for having matter and getting rid of it at will?

Because they do not transit in this step, as the transformation from matter to wave, or from wave to matter, or from wave to wave, or from wave / matter to its antimatter

They are more extravagant and this study is not enough to elucidate the essence and composition of these events, except that it tries to show their peripheral appearance

China, in a museum, has experienced something similar in isolation with shadows and lights, but on a minimal and insufficient scale to initiate even a scientific investigation, and they describe them as phantasmagorical figures emerged from bronze objects and the earth’s subsoil. And there will be others too without us having news about it

But without a doubt, if the Physics of the Particles has already come to replicate antimatter in the laboratory, they could also reproduce this phenomenon of changes of matter to absolute nothingness, and this as the last possible limit of nature and its imitation , a stage that is mandatory to enter wrapped in solar lights to other time-space dimensions

I add six videos about the same:

For the first, I try to suppress the scientist some desire to be present here, showing them in the best way these phenomena

And also for them to compare the behavior of the Sun, according to the cell phone video of the next day that they don’t generally see in two dimensions. In this you can clearly see a white ray of the Solcito, and this one that does not leave the upper part of the house, contrary to the infrared camera that leaves it and the Sun separates from the ceiling.

And for the following I propose to reinforce these notions, living them to the dimensions. They are recorded at 2:30 p.m. today 20-7-2020

See how a peaceful single nap in our dimension, is very busy in the other. The spots that are printed on the pad are the extravisiting ones. There are the intolerable ones, several short and moving rays of the solcito, the two green and spherical immigrants, and another three more of them that have been added without being aware, penetrating lights and others.

In the night that invention is expanded
rivers confirming the 4 most intolerable immigrants, up to three more of them in colors. The two green and one red. It improves the definition of its forms, but this sector is more densely inhabited with new species than days ago.


















We already know it in its entirety. In the following video, I show what it is essential to carry: the one-dimensional viewfinder, which you see in one dimension. In the other, as you have already realized

If you went to that place, you couldn’t do it without carrying this infallible and simple instrument. To a magnifying glass you have, take out the glass lens and replace it with black rubber from the mouse pad. Or if you stick the rubber to the glass, it will be firmer without distorting the images.

It should be so, because when you have already decided on what you are interested in seeing, you must advance it to your eyes and rotate it as necessary to let the ambient light enter them, in your eyes, and you do it by turning it on the axis of the hand until that the images appear as printed on the black rubber

It is used mostly during the day and is the only way to see beings or inhabitants of that nature, who will no longer be invisible to the adventurer at all times.

That is to say that although you have managed to enter that new world without my help, you could not see everything either. Living beings are excluded. Sinó looks at that recent video that I shoot in another dimension at noon and nothing is seen of them. To get it you need this viewfinder that I have invented. And you see it work

This instrument is not necessary to see the Sun or the Moon and all the phenomena that occur there and as we know them or as they are. El Solcito is an exception. Use this viewer

Now we are missing the ship that will take us on a journey through time. No. Nothing like that. You can make a big cardboard box in the patio of your house

That house will be only of walls and roof and will have two doors. One to enter with your friends and the other to go outside to explore this new continent. Neither. You enter your patio and you go out to your patio

To get out of the box and see, you have two options.

Or you make your diver’s helmet airtight where you will deposit the molten lights, just like you locked them in the cardboard box, that is, gasified solar lights without pressure, wrapping yourself in it.

Or you take a portable computer with surveillance cameras like the ones I use and enter that dimension looking with the screen in front of you

At this point in my narration, Gregory, my adolescent neighbor dreamer of magical expeditions of the future, tells me “but what difference is there between knowing that dimension in your Station of Fauna, or in this other way, immersing myself in those clouds that nobody could you do them with aerated lights? ”

And I reply that coming to me, an unforgettable adventure would be lost.







Note that the orange awning cell is 47mm wide by 101mm long inside.






PORTABLE VISOR hs 09:26 a.m. sunny morning 07-16-2020 ‘1’ 46 “

This is a survey of the invisible population and their appearances according to schedules.





PORTABLE VISOR hs.12: 26 a.m. sunny noon. 16-7-2020- 1 ’35 “

This is a survey of the invisible population and their appearances according to schedules.





PORTABLE VISOR hs 14:42 p.m. sunny siesta 07-16-2020- 2 ’01 “

It is the hour of the Solcito and his subjects. Those of last night reappear. To its rays that we already know, here they present a greater alignment

This is a survey of the invisible population and their appearances according to their schedules





PORTABLE VISOR hs 18: 015 ‘p.m. day 16-7-2020- 1 ’26 “

This is a survey of the invisible population and their appearances according to their schedules.









I remove the infrared lights from cameras number 2 and 3 and enter a new stage of greater security.

They improve the images. We confirm the ovoid shapes of the planets and the spherical ones.

I have rotated the bases of the cameras rotating them, and nevertheless, the angles of the images are not modified. Nor does the vegetation that surrounds the chambers change. In other words, there is a will that we do not omit to see them as I present them, because of the prominence that from this single side, is where we must observe and analyze them.

The grove is lit now that I have suppressed the infrared.

That rotating cloak with an engraving of triangular lines in arrow and united behind by a semicircle, travel in opposite directions. While one advances to the right, the other recoils with a tail to the left, or back.

In camera 3, which records movement, those white lines that delineate in spatial grids are defined as the basis for one of my theories.

In camera 2, which does not register movements, and for the first time you see a planet that stands out for the intensity of its whiteness, which first believed it to the Moon hidden in clouds, but that going out to the field I check a clean night and starry and in that supposedly white body place, nothing existed.

On the second night another sharp planet is put at the same time, which we explain below in videos after these.











Events have happened in a considerable time, which makes us optimistic when we look at and identify a planet or an “intractable” and say what it is about in a given scenario.

Those that surround the orange tent are groups of tiny copies of the planets, among a few “intractable” glued to the canvas with the most recognizable being the one that is located to the left of the tent and that measures 15 x 40 cm wide. and tall, like the invisible being who has shown us his own distinctive elasticity and movement. Planets can, in appearance, exceptionally turn off and on in principle.

Entering the subject, it is not new that the lights come from heaven. Direct by the Sun and indirect by the Moon

And this is not a novelty for us once, from the dwarf star came and comes its red light. We have seen it here on my patio many times. But today this light is projected from the south or south-east, which helps me to belatedly understand this phenomenon, because from that position it illuminates the plastic fabric of the tent, making the phenomenon visible, as in others that imprinted its red light on the stone. and no comment could be made. In all these cases it is the same phenomenon.

It belongs to this group as well, what was seen before “Looking for the 5th Color” when it had not yet installed the Cameras to Heaven

But now we can expand and confirm these causes to the change of lights or shades.



See at 5:37:19 p.m. Today 18-7-2020 this change from weak or semi-dim light, to pass to the sudden intensity of it, when a star suddenly enters my space, among other twins that all surround another white one lit like a Moon. I make no further comment. My task is to show, test and keep quiet.

But I tell you, I don’t think planets or stars go off or on. But they fly and brake at a very precise point at speeds well in excess of 300,000 km / h. And that if in that dimension we should not speak of speeds, it is because that is not necessary in it, because everyone, beings and phenomena disappear and appear from and in places at unlimited distances, in time O.

As if it were an exception for now, in light-emitting stars, let’s go a little further, and see. The movement does exist. This planet appears suddenly at hs 5 15 ’13 “of that hour. And the apparent light comes to me like a blow for no apparent reason, at 22′ and 2” precisely, if we do not take into account the previous event that most baffles . I am going to repeat it to these images without neglecting that the origin of these lights can be in any of these bodies.

I want you to know that what you are about to see is not unique and lasts 1 second (video 0: 46- 2:59). I have seen it before describing a figure as if it were the musical notation of the “clef” in scores, but that I have not taxed to avoid making such crazy proposals. Although this all-night sky presents this planetary spectacle without explanation, what we might call “surreal aerial wildlife”

See that it is not an insect, because when it takes its maximum height in the upper screen frame, it is already a complete spherical planet that only descends smoothly.

Let’s look at it in the last video as one of the dimensions of the impossible, where at high speeds the movements are in ascending and descending lines, curves and countercurves, only viable if there is no gravity and if the mass has another nature opposed to ours .

Then estimate the distance from the visiting planet or star to us. But can not be. It is too much in any known constellation inside and outside our System.

So if we are convinced that there is a causal link between the appearance of these stars and the light that arrives, and their possibilities are other: that it is not real light, that another nature mediates it or they are interfered-with projections.

















Our sudden-onset planet observed in previous videos is absent.

Stars that come and go?


1- From 29-7-2020 night time

2- From 30-7-2020 daytime

1- from 19, 20,21,22,23 and 24 a.m.
2- of hours. O7, 7:20, 7:40, 8:00 and 8:20 a.m.


On other days, our light star is present in the sky, without the hue of the carpra showing an alteration or greater luminosity











I show a sky populated by great bodies and a Moon, which undoubtedly is that white and always luminous one that stands out between planets, and all fixed.

No one orbits with others. We are all immobile and looking at each other orbiting some Sun that in these few days has not yet been presented to us on the screen. Although the absence of gravity does not give reason for the most massive body to drag the smallest in that dance.

Not so the estrangement from them that does occur. We see empty spaces and it is occupied by the following that I show

See this other planet, which, like a comet crossing, stops below the number 20 on the screen, and also without altering the lights of the tent. Its speed seems to that of light, since it takes a second for a journey similar to that of our Moon.

And undoubtedly, if only photons that do not have mass, or neutrinos, can travel in a vacuum at the speed of light in our dimension, it is because we are seeing phenomena or bodies of large masses in another dimension, and that although in this one there is no gravity, it does not alter the impossibilities of its realization. Other laws apply.

Other planets enter from above the screen, or others through a flash that would go unnoticed. I will upload them.

And in another video that follows and enlarged, observe the movements of what I call “Surreal Aerial Fauna”, or “Planetary Surrealism” due to the absolute opposite flying elements to the forms and modes of reality.











Day 10-7-2030 a hs p.m. 21: 08 ‘: 14 “to 28”

See that place that is freed by abandonment of the planet.








Day 10-7-2020 hs 21:15:16 a.m.

Now for a difference of 7 ‘a clear relationship is seen between the appearance and disappearance of the planets with the changes of tones to the fabric of the tent, turning it off, as if it were eliminating any of the led or infrared lights from the place, and the Greenery enhancement of vegetation. Effects we have seen before.

It is an evident phenomenon, the different times in which the light effect appears are unexplained, although we already know that it is not photons. Different speeds, without patterns.








I have already removed all the videos about the moons, 1st and 2nd. Or I am in it, for being unsafe observations, in the absence of those nebulous flakes that indicate and verify us to be in the other dimension.

But we still have two moons

1- The one that just appeared on 07-16-2020 at 10:00 a.m. 19: 19 ‘: 25 “and that is in accordance with the principles of” must be “, because it shows correspondence with everything that exists, be they beings or events, standing still and facing us.

In the following video we see her first appearance and entrance before us and some brief movements of forward and backward by a quarter of her body.

This is according to the entire planetary system that accompany it. They appear and disappear. They brake at precise points in a fraction of a second. They are all huge and have erratic crossings.

2- But let’s also not forget that other Moon that wanders accompanied by one or four satellites, that we used to see walking between the hairs of the Cosmic Arginidae.

Objections to this Moon: that it cannot orbit us due to lack of gravity, nor can its satellites to it

If an explanation we need to have,
I could conjecture that the recent Moon is the earliest or oldest of the first years of the cosmos, and the other one that we see orbiting and that is navigating by gravity, is our Moon of today, which chronologically is the youngest or latest, due to the satellites that they orbit it and because today science views it as possible, as a hypothesis.

But mainly for the following:

To the early or old Moon, and if I stand winged from the camera that films it in double vision, I do not see it with my eyes, considering that they see more in that darkness than the same common cameras.

And if it deals with the other Moon, the late or contemporary to us, in the same conditions, I see that same Moon that the cameras are also filming in double vision, but with a difference:

That the Moon that I see is clean and alone. And the one filmed by the camera is accompanied by its satellites and those flakes of mist, characteristic of seeing in that other dimension.







March 10, 2021

I repeat it. It corresponds to November 25, 2020. I would have to reinsert it in each Section, not only because it is the most viewed, but also because it shows his body movement. In addition to the fact that the content of this website is very long, most readers enter only one section or another and fail to see that these beings by their will if they have sustained movements in a way that we can recognize.

And for this reason these new forms of intelligent lives are precisely misunderstood, because they lack movements. For months, night and day in quiet that is not leisure. They make and carry out their natural mandates. Although always stiff, which, added to their lack of defined lines, resemble for these causes more indefinite spots or small white or raw clouds without bodies or faces floating, than to intelligent beings or individuals or animals of our nature that have been seen or imagined.



That is to say that they have no recognizable form, to suppose them to be “lives” by themselves, nor their intelligence since they cannot distinguish a face where it can fit. No feet to walk or mouths to feed. At least now we see him doing “braceadas”, in the style of our dancers. As for the face, once I manage to see it only to this being, and to others but in doubts today.

In this video one of them “comes alive” because he moves abruptly for the only time and without concealment in annoyed response to my express request not to leave that music room until they show me his face. After a month it fulfills in this way how they are seeing it and moves to the adjoining gallery. The other that you see next to him, continues for 5 months also faithful to my request to always have him close to me in case I need him. But to make it possible, I do not allow anyone to enter, or to clean that room. I have it closed although I can enter without turning on lights, unless it is from the cell phone.

I will repeat it in more, to help the understanding that the stillness of those other figures, is just a pose chosen by their nature, and that I compensate it with the animation accelerated by spacers of the cameras in intervals of 30 “each. , that otherwise they would go unnoticed.





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