I can now show in detail one of the electrical and powerful artifacts that this invisible being possesses, in its extension and in each of its knots or rings.

See it in the form of a spherical brush in these videos filmed inside my country house, but that due to its darkness in a closed environment can manifest itself to us.











In these images the ductibility of rays is observed – ignoring for now the matter that is vaporized or embodied as a characteristic that is proper and reducible to everything that exists in this invisible nature – without explaining the chemical or quantum process to reach this new state. It is still far from the possibility of working them, and more of gasifying them without their distinctive feature of pressure, which will be the means of entering this other dimension by involving ourselves in them, but with these images there will be theories that will cement a new era in Chemistry and Physics. of the Particles.






13;10′:46″ p.m.







25 -7 – 2020
Hs.13: 00: 00 P.M.

Two phenomena

1- Link of the Causal Nexus that we star when I enter that dimension, and annoy the Aragnido that is in the other, and I move it once again from its place where it has been occupying it for several days.

The grumpy arachnid leaves before your eyes. It is installed in my bedroom because it knows that I do not dislike it there

We coexist and undeniably share a single reality. A single and same time-space dimension apparently.

2- To “The intractable” that invade my house and that you have needed my Two-Dimensional Viewer to be able to safely observe all those present, of whom only see four of them in the form of dark clouds without his help, showing us their effectiveness. In other words, if they make the Expedition to that Dimension and do not carry my filtering Visor, they will miss seeing part of this race and other inadvertent little ones during daylight hours.

I want to be clear with vivid scenes. When you start the act, you see through my cameras only the Arágnido and not the Intratables, except those described, among others. They have access to them when I interpose my Visor, although before they were partially visible when opening the window giving way to the solar lights.

You will have realized that I resort to live images, so that you are the ones who discover nature this way of life.









I have no one to consult why the moon that visits me is always on a full moon. I attributed it to the quality of the video cameras and the camera of my cell phone.

Curiously these days (25-7-2020) the Moon enters during daylight hours and I record it. The result is that this step from one state to another lasts only 10 minutes. From 18:56 to 19:06.

And also if it is about quality because it captures it in a waning quarter when it is more distant from the planet?

So that step is by change of dimension that I see it for the first time without being covered by the flakes of the mist, but in the same stretch of the transformation, which is very exceptional, to the point that I have said before that they always hide the processes in its irrational transforming moment.









At the dawn of scientific research, when the reigning culture no longer satisfied some, the common man already dreamed of these worlds, in the literal meaning of those expressions, since it was taught by religion, which proclaimed it as a region indeterminate in the space where the souls will pose in their final destination. Others, and who have influenced us in some way, and who even made these adjectives fashionable in the US and Europe, called it so only figuratively, bringing them up in the s. XX (Kripker, Lewis and others) “as an alternative possibility of intelligence to deduce”, welcoming the era of computing and artificial intelligence, and earlier in the s. XVII, the German philosopher and mathematician Von Leibniz, spread his idea of ​​Possible Worlds in the sense of being ours, within the Creator’s best option. Also in the arts and imaginative literature, which go hand in hand with the successes of the sciences, which have devised them in all their forms and which proliferate in all their means of expression or exhibition, but which have not yet reached contribute to prepare us for a new reality with descriptions that have some similarities with those new forms of life that would really be incorporated into our daily life, as announced by this discovery, with energetic specimens visible some and invisible others, coming from the earth’s underground, as part of an order of the real Old Universe, that we did not know only because of its invisibility, but that existed from before and exists attached to ours, and now we will identify them as the other faces of humanity.

But my concern is that, having exposed this, it is possible to mobilize all resources and instruments of scientific knowledge, with the uncertainty of the possibilities of its results.

So we should adapt to the existing times and possibilities and advance theories with the full idea that it is more opportune today and now, to make this entrance to the New Invisible Civilization, in the Universities, with the content of this website and more new experiences that will add, to choose to have to climb a special ship and make this expedition, waiting for that future innovator to rise to the height of these phenomena.


Because once there, not everything would see for lack of occasion, even if they put my Visor in their backpacks.

Go back to my first pages and you will know that the fundamental forces will not come out to the crossing to be photographed, nor will they be able to do cause-effect tests, or visit the colony of the tiny men, nor will they see the invisible living beings of sporadic appearance, least of all together, even with the certainty that they are more likely to return without having seen anyone or anything.








These new visitors who accompany me are welcome.

They are lacking lines or forms that help give you a registration identity. They are solar lights attached to the wall, and in some cases they are sharing their place as an energy source illuminating others (to the pot) similar to those rays emitted by the Solcito on the stone and object of my tests, although without being rays now.

They are detained, but they expand and contract, like our hearts, a sign that helps to recognize him as a member of the colony. They are well differentiated species.










Not satisfied with the video that we have already played, I decide to repeat it for the opportunity to witness a process of transformation of the Moon from another dimension.

Before I settle down, I go out with a recliner to the Mirador al Cielo to look with my own eyes to see what their pixelation is, compared to the
cell phone camera and I’m surprised.

The same happens to me with the images of the recording equipment and I verify that my eyes surpasses them in twenty times: 20/1

Not for more, I repeat the enlarged recording carefully, taking photos and especially admire those with black lines surrounding it, the elongation of the Moon before the end and another with black tail.

It is published that the move to dimensions is already in process. If there are several technologies for this, these characteristics would have no scope. But otherwise it would be worth comparing these possibilities and in particular the black cloak that surrounds the moon and for the luminosity and glowing at the end of the phenomenon, and the elongation itself forward and backward and for its causes.

I confess my satisfaction of going out to the patio and going back to the computer that had it zoomed, and witnessing this process. Outside, a beautiful and clean sky ready with all its grandeur to only raise the splendid Moon, facing the Sun already at sunset. She was, continues and ends up being 55% waning, in a perfect hemisphere, fixed and incorruptible, despite that inside my house, she was malformed, lost her bright light and elegance, immersed in a sky that was no longer the same.

I am in an error of appreciation of the phenomenon, despite the security of being the camera that sees in another dimension, the one that makes me conclude like this? And in any case it will be that the cameras of this level always deform the Moon seeing it hopelessly in full Moon?

Because at this moment I also have active the cameras that I had previously filmed to the First and Second Moon, which I have asked them not to take into account, and also today they are filming it on a full moon within a clean and free sky. the hazy flakes.

But if it is a mistake, how can we explain the magnificent spectacle of cautiously seeing metamorphosis in the passage of our Moon from one state to another?

My ignorance in the matter does not allow me to advance further.













Back we have already seen it in this light. Now its source is apparently the same Arágnido.


In other videos I would like to clarify the peculiarity of why this dry plant is illuminated. The Sun does it in another way (see 2nd VIDEO) and not like now, which seems to be a white sheet more intense than the sunlight, which rests on the leaves, and that could be an ongoing process that I imagine its reason, but I will delay your explanation.

But worth this observation.

In old videos, entitled: “Looking for the 5th Color” and “Tonalities” there was an effect that confused being in front of them, knowing that something was happening with the sudden greenness, but that we could not understand them.

But as we recently verified that the change comes from space, it is justified that it is the “scattering” effect on a large scale due to the lack of bounce of the rays, given the extremely high power of these lights.

Consequently, it reaffirms once again, the origin of the Earth in those other Star Systems, and following them, together with the red lights of the brown dwarf stars that also frequent my space, they will lead us along the way until we reach the spatial coordinates of their historical location.

It is not the case now with this intense white light to the vegetable, because the radiation source is in my house and emitted by an invisible being, of less power to it, but superior to that of the Sun. But it is not photon light, but the manifestation of its natural attributes at a distance. Compare them.






















It is night that about sixty large sharp planets monopolize the screen, but one is the one that attracts attention: the wayward.

Inexplicable as everything and as always. It cannot be a planet, unless my hypotheses are correct. And advancing the possible explanation to this concurrence of planetary bodies, I understand it as tiny copies of them “brought from a certain close distance” so that they can be observed and analyzed by us.

This wayward is the first to appear in the sky, and is removed after my intervention, or is turned off. I’ll see.

The second video is when I interpose the black pad, so that we make sure that the wayward is from the other dimension, as it turns out to be, despite being homogeneous to the others. And it is probably that other one of greater luminosity that is exhibited like a Moon for some days.






















Orbital eccentricity in the path of the or twin satellites of our Ancient Moon? Or is it circular?

We finally arrived, despite being little elucidating videos, that the trajectory of our ancient Moon is circular, which in the last video and clearly to that last turn does it at the same distance as the first lap of the first video. There is no eccentricity

I say twin satellites, not because of their size, but because of the proximity between them to the point that it seems that two of them orbit the largest and most diffuse one.

In the first hour of 19:36 p.m. to hs. 20: 36’bp.m., The two most diffuse satellites are seen as the boy orbits the big one

The time of year gives the opportunity to film the orbit from a complete and clear face of it, leaving us in doubt as to whether it is one or two of the natural satellites that accompany our Moon.

One of those three receives sunlight, which the rest do not receive with that definition, but there they are waiting at least for me to understand it

I rotate the axis up to 40 degrees on which the cameras mount, and I think I have reached the optimum limit that I can film this phenomenon.

Under the angle, causing you to see the Moon discomfort in different directions, with the satellites appearing above it, despite being a single sequence of the Moon’s trajectory, but so it is possible that we can see the entire semi-orbit , keeping our objective within the frame of the screen in the following hours. Or I’m going to break this down into three short videos.














March 10, 2021

I repeat it. It corresponds to November 25, 2020. I would have to reinsert it in each Section, not only because it is the most viewed, but also because it shows his body movement. In addition to the fact that the content of this website is very long, most readers enter only one section or another and fail to see that these beings by their will if they have sustained movements in a way that we can recognize.

And for this reason these new forms of intelligent lives are precisely misunderstood, because they lack movements. For months, night and day in quiet that is not leisure. They make and carry out their natural mandates. Although always stiff, which, added to their lack of defined lines, resemble for these causes more indefinite spots or small white or raw clouds without bodies or faces floating, than to intelligent beings or individuals or animals of our nature that have been seen or imagined.



That is to say that they have no recognizable form, to suppose them to be “lives” by themselves, nor their intelligence since they cannot distinguish a face where it can fit. No feet to walk or mouths to feed. At least now we see him doing “braceadas”, in the style of our dancers. As for the face, once I manage to see it only to this being, and to others but in doubts today.

In this video one of them “comes alive” because he moves abruptly for the only time and without concealment in annoyed response to my express request not to leave that music room until they show me his face. After a month it fulfills in this way how they are seeing it and moves to the adjoining gallery. The other that you see next to him, continues for 5 months also faithful to my request to always have him close to me in case I need him. But to make it possible, I do not allow anyone to enter, or to clean that room. I have it closed although I can enter without turning on lights, unless it is from the cell phone.

I will repeat it in more, to help the understanding that the stillness of those other figures, is just a pose chosen by their nature, and that I compensate it with the animation accelerated by spacers of the cameras in intervals of 30 “each. , that otherwise they would go unnoticed.





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