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RED PLANET, go back about 60 €, which is rare or never seen, if you plan to orbit limited and within an arc of those few degrees. This graduation is with respect to the referent frame of the screen, or similar video of the day 8-17-2020. It maintains a similar speed of translation and rotation, and with the same magnetic declination with respect to the Sun.

Camera 4, a hikvision is just being installed – angle orientation 120 ¤. See




Captured rising and always directing its screen to the Sun, as among us the sunflowers do it turning from East to West looking at the Sun.

It is emerging from the Center of the Earth through the circle of the Mirador al Cielo, a natural space object that goes due east and destination unknown, at least until tomorrow, when we will see whether or not it enters the orbit of the Sun.
to the right of the Sun, which is also different from yesterday and different from the one filmed by the adjacent camera.

The sun, without rays, perfectly spherical, is surrounded by an orange circular frame, and girded at its waist. This is the Sun from the other dimension that we just saw.

The emergent object is, like everything here, extremely beautiful, which rises by changing its shape.











The CRN, LHC AND THE FCC or when they are all ready and working in search of the other side of physics, it is possible that they will see even better these images of this and other dimensions that exist hidden from human sight.

And not only to make this visible, but to create a more efficient language or communication method for mine, that includes a frank understanding with these invisible beings, where I am not the interlocutor.

But in the meantime, scientists must take advantage of this experience based on the simplicities of an amateur, such as the latter of the transit from the center of the planet to space, on unimagined elements more typical of science fiction than of literature or scientific experiments, whose figures I capture them live or in full motion in which they develop their attributes that are not now individual, but collective of this advanced colony or community.

It only remains for us to find out the meaning of their activities that they are activating when they go out to meet the Sun, or when the Sun is the opportunity for them to come out of our depths to do some work of their natures. We are approaching all this in three directions

SCIENCES. For those who approach these films within real possibilities, it is likely that it will even be counter-prudent because of many new questions to be analyzed, in the face of a panorama that is more confusing than to anchor to ideas already considered defined, and that they extend them deadlines to projects in dance

THEOLOGY. There will be those who will give strength to their foundations that they were waiting for, by giving the missing reality to arguments always contested. But in general, it is the sector where this website will find the greatest resistance, which draws the veil to the ancient mysteries on which its beliefs are based.

SCIENCE FICTION. It will motivate them to new creations. Let us not forget that they are souls without organized interlocutors, mired in delirium drowned in the disappearance of objects and phenomena that implore, without knowing it, the approach of the future to them, committing the forces of science, to their concretion.




1- Camera 2- The red planet, returns to the previous cycle. Its orbit is limited to an arc of 60 degrees, seen from a camera raised to the sky, and therefore, those degrees are less than 60 degrees on our planet. I do not include this video for not having news and the cloudy deteriorates how little it is.

2- Camera 4- real duration 5-6 hours. I make three videos to prioritize the take off and the lighting of the vegetation, which is the interesting thing now.

The Rotating Antenna Carrier Circle does not orbit the Sun, as was possible. Today it comes out of the subsoil again and the cloudy one prevents us from seeing what happened yesterday. We see only the beginning and the end.

See how with the previous camera this sector of the mountain had light. The new camera directly blinds the vegetation, but improves the view into space, as if it were a smoked lens.

For this reason we see for the second time how this flying element comes out of the bottom of the planet, but also another curiosity: the vegetation is illuminated enough in the take-off sector that interests us and apparently it, the light, comes from the flying entity, since it accompanies take-off and turns off when the flyer leaves its sector.

The videos show the same scene that in real time takes an hour, but that is to take for granted that something emerges from the center of the Earth, everything is little for the scientist, but I can only do tests on the Earth’s surface and as close to her as possible. But there are many opportunities in which invisible beings have emerged from the subsoil.















The first video made while the technician was mounting this camera # 4, leads me to an error in the appreciation of the formation of light, at the beginning of this Astrophysics event

First of all, there it is seen that the filmed images are part of the camera that holds it for a few seconds, and they follow the movement of the camera, by the camera itself, as if what was being observed was a film projected on the lens and not images brought from abroad.

Overcome this, I move on to the light and the intensity with which the team receives it.

That light changes disproportionately depending on whether we are on a sunny or slightly cloudy morning, which I must wait for the diminished light conditions to repeat, for a new video with safer conclusions.

But today 8-28-2020 the field has a lot of light and allows us to observe the start of the event, which gives us a different idea than my previous accounts.




I am referring to the uncertainty of the origin where the takeoff race of the flying element begins. Either it comes from the center of the planet, or it is a permanent flying element in space that skids over the ground at its lowest point of its circular motion, which is the ground floor, where it only grazes, as if landing on it, to continue its Ascent until you lose sight of it in space, a total stretch that takes 7 hours to complete. Takeoff takes three hours.

It is evident that they ascend from the depths, when we see something emerge instantaneously on the ground, or half a body buried and the other half a body on the surface. We have seen it in “lights that are not lights” and in various “eggs”

Here, in the Volador, we do not have it fully under our sight, and therefore we must wait. By their energy alone, they are made of the most ancient variety, to those beings of the colony of organic and energetic constitution.

What is certain from today is that this flyer describes a circle turning to its right in the direction of the Sun, at the end of what we do see, returning to the Mirador al Cielo from the south to continue its same bolts for all the following days . Fly in constant and repeated circles. It is probable. As it is also equally probable that the Translucent Orange Planet does not orbit the Sun either, but that its proximity in long stretches at the same times, confuses it with what is known as orbit. We have also seen him skid always on the same terrain, although on the opposite side, but only 10 meters between them.




Complete takeoff: from hs a.m. 10: 30: 00 a.m. 13: 30: 00

Trajectory: until hs p.m. 17: 40: 00

EL VOLADOR looks like an old table fan with an enlarged base, which is ideal for not being able to fly in spaces with atmosphere. And it worsens his abilities, the fact of having a spherical antenna, as if a boing wanted to transport an elephant up his fuselage. This antenna or what it looks like, which is deployable, opening when approaching the sun and after fanning it by € 90 (although today less than 90) it folds back to its initial position. It detaches itself from the Volador by entering it.

It is anti-aerodynamic, or it is its space in which it flies, the one that does not have an atmosphere that can resist its advance, or that having it, it penetrates it with its usual way that not even metal stops it, due to its energetic constitution.

This is curious, because before I said that due to the physiological characteristics of some of its organic inhabitants of the colony, there was an atmosphere in the center of the Earth. Quite the contrary, when it comes to outer space now.




I add in the last video to the Red Planet that continues its orbits regularly













They already know the Green Immigrants and La Viga has once been seen by another camera (# 4) as a perfect geometric figure for its lines that are unique in the Noorhn Colony.

Through this camera, we hardly see it because of its blurriness. I point out the length: 1.50 meters.









The space is elastic in the dimension we are dealing with, but only explainable and not real in it. I suggest that we try to look in two Dimensions at the same time, and it would be like this:

First we look to the right or our dimension, and we see the matter in separate parts like granules, and also the space between them, and that we call it.

Now let’s look to the left or to the 1st Dimension and we will see – and better if we do it with my Visor – its intelligent living entities and those that are not, as well as its phenomena, let’s say physical, and nothing more. There the observable field ends

If you want to see those vacant empty places as a space because there is nothing, you will only imagine it, because it is a segment that does not exist for that Dimension, but does exist but in another natural order: ours.

You already know the results of my Portable Viewer: he does not see that void as belonging to the 1st Dimension, not putting even a soft color on it, because it does not exist

This is a paradoxical phenomenon or reversed to our biological limitation of not being able to see that other Dimension. In this case you will see not a space, but a concept that you have in mind, but not before your eyes. His gaze only manages to notice distances between entities present there. Yet you make a dogmatic look. See what should be or be in that stretch that is distant between others present. You can see this as an idea, and also not see or conceptualize other ideas that scientists or religious take for granted as existing, both being on the same plane of reason. They are contradictions where not even logic is disturbed, having to intervene by accepting one and denying the other.

The ductility without internal movements within that empty space, today we reinforce it with the Volador, which moves in a space not only weightless, but does not accommodate anything that we understand by our nature populated by natural physical or quantum entities , in a space that occupies almost the entire cosmos

The space in that other 1st Dimension lacks what we take for existing and probable in the ether. It is absolute emptiness that is only there for when something will appear at that point that indicates interest, and will cease to be and to be for when those objects and entities no longer require it for them. It is empty space that is and is not there, or that runs to give rise to the essential of that nature that are all beings and phenomena that I have not finished presenting to you: corporeal ones, which are not matter, but which behave before us. observation as if it were, and that they generate it exceptionally at will and for moments. They suggest possessing matter by interrupting the passage of electric light, by using it to transport itself in it, as eggs do unrelentingly and when an invisible being moves a leaf without doubts.

That void could be totally occupied, as when we see those spheres day and night, which we say planets, one next to the other and also superimposed and immobile, that no one would wonder what space is, but where they are or where they could be.

The space where we see them is not in that other dimension, but in our complex visible and tangible nature. If we were seeing them both in different colors for each of these two Dimensions, and we accelerated the pace, we would see the space permanently elasticize in all directions.

I graph this more clearly with El Volador, when they see him fly with master stability in a space full of obstacles for this to happen or be possible. It does so by ignoring the existence of space or what exists in it. This does not understand the other settlers of Noorhn composed of organic matter and energies found in the first of those states.

They, the extra-visitors, are so many that only they have existence – like our pests watching pass over our roofs – in all heights. Not everything that I have seen I have been able to film, that like the Surrealist Aerial Fauna that exist in millions and that only now I film and exhibit them to only 4 of them, that due to their implausible ways you will accept it for rejecting “in limine “as of our fauna. They are quantities where only they fit. Millions of them per cubic meter, moving at low speeds less than 100 km / h, going through everything. Their movement is the movement of space itself, arranged only to move with the movement of those tiny moving entities. It is an accommodating space, if we want to name it. There will always be some of that depreciable nothing, but I see it out of the scientific focus as long as we consider it as a space of that other invisible nature.

There is a distance between two objects, yes, and this confuses that what is in it, or in between, must be a space, which is correct, but that space “is alien to that Dimension.” Then you will be seeing in two dimensions in that case without knowing it. This is so when entering the other Dimension or opening this website.

Another dimension is the occupied surface, where the analysis will fall and that is where we are studying it since last year. The space is ours or our Second Dimension.

Arriving at this point, it is now understandable that just as I suggested giving different colors to everything that exists as an invisible mass in the 1st Dimension and to the empty distances between them in the 1st Dimension, let’s then proceed to do the same with our dimension.

If we superimpose both mappings we will obtain the dual reality of the planet and the world, but above all of a different and reduced space due to the existence of other phenomena of large moving active measures and not just quantum ones. Where we look for a graviton or similar particles, maybe there is the Sun or a Satellite, Geoastromines I that are in all spaces, or maybe it deviates the flight plan of the Flyer. Nothing will be the same.


– I –














If so, this flying artifact would not emerge from the center of the planet, apparently, but with its somersaults they traverse the Earth daily.

Then El Volador describes a circle walking part through space and part that enters through the south of the Earth, until it comes out where we are seeing it.

The videos film the departure of the Volador, and in them you will be able to see the superposition of the vegetable on that Volador and judge the moment and order of their appearances.

Everything starts out dark on a morning with isolated clouds, the only way to see what I need. Under an open sky, it is of no use to us and is the reason why there is no opportunity to achieve other more clarifying shots. It is “conditio sine qua non” some ray of the Sun on the ground.

But if we analyze that it takes him three hours for the first three-meter high section, the tessitura of the circles does not fit and it does leave the center of the Earth every day.















I was waiting for it because of a peculiarity that I have not filmed in previous months, when I show you for the first time this living star

That time he appears snooping at this 4 E / V camera with the emission of another category of its rays, those common in the form of balls that are sometimes translucent, brushing along the edges of the lens of that camera, inspecting it. That is a task that is repeated practice by the arachnid entities that inspect the rock.

How important is this particularity that we cannot forget? It is very fundamental because it proves that all the individuals of this colony of Noorhn, have the same origin that includes the organic beings-energies with the Sun and the Court of it, which is why I call them all “The Children of the Sun”

Perhaps we would have to review it in the tiny Sun on the Stone, where it also manifests itself.

In this new appearance, this star does not display that ray, but repeats its parallel double and quadruple beams with greater definition, penetrating a decorative solid wood 7 cm thick. Also today see how its rays pass through the house.










March 10, 2021

I repeat it. It corresponds to November 25, 2020. I would have to reinsert it in each Section, not only because it is the most viewed, but also because it shows his body movement. In addition to the fact that the content of this website is very long, most readers enter only one section or another and fail to see that these beings by their will if they have sustained movements in a way that we can recognize.

And for this reason these new forms of intelligent lives are precisely misunderstood, because they lack movements. For months, night and day in quiet that is not leisure. They make and carry out their natural mandates. Although always stiff, which, added to their lack of defined lines, resemble for these causes more indefinite spots or small white or raw clouds without bodies or faces floating, than to intelligent beings or individuals or animals of our nature that have been seen or imagined.



That is to say that they have no recognizable form, to suppose them to be “lives” by themselves, nor their intelligence since they cannot distinguish a face where it can fit. No feet to walk or mouths to feed. At least now we see him doing “braceadas”, in the style of our dancers. As for the face, once I manage to see it only to this being, and to others but in doubts today.

In this video one of them “comes alive” because he moves abruptly for the only time and without concealment in annoyed response to my express request not to leave that music room until they show me his face. After a month it fulfills in this way how they are seeing it and moves to the adjoining gallery. The other that you see next to him, continues for 5 months also faithful to my request to always have him close to me in case I need him. But to make it possible, I do not allow anyone to enter, or to clean that room. I have it closed although I can enter without turning on lights, unless it is from the cell phone.

I will repeat it in more, to help the understanding that the stillness of those other figures, is just a pose chosen by their nature, and that I compensate it with the animation accelerated by spacers of the cameras in intervals of 30 “each. , that otherwise they would go unnoticed.





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