The Suns are shown in two diametrically different physical and astronomical states. One, imposing its gravity on its entire planetary system orbiting it once a day, and the other surrounded by its halo and without gravity, which we orbit at almost twice the rotation speed with two daily orbits. Of the latter, contrary to the first, we know nothing about its chemical, gas or matter composition of which it is composed, but from what is observed on this planet but in another dimension, where matter lacks rigidity, and if constant flaccidity, the Sun it has no reason to be different.

Antigravity is a universal condition, as is gravity, although there are recently discovered exceptions. Then there will also be it in the dimension of the weightless with areas under gravity.

Today, both dimensional systems apparently have no connectivity, although I have found some exceptional links where they are the active provocateurs and we are the receivers or passive. It is undoubtedly the new dimension discovered, the dominant one.

This modality of supremacy is due to the fact that in everything that exists in these solar systems, intelligent life exists and they are the executors of the actions that natures require. On the other hand, we have no place in theirs. Because we have diminished or ineffective natural attributes to participate in our own and in the cosmos.

Because all the worlds are so populated in their interiors and surfaces, as in their empty spaces, it is that we are struck by the existence of another organic life like ours and exceptionally only on Earth, until today. What then gives us the privilege of being unique, perhaps in the solar system? Because these immaterial beings have even adapted to living in my house and they will be present in many others or in all of them. They are complex beings and developers with full assignments.








I upload several videos taking advantage of its proximity. They are gleaming white, children of the Sun, but they do not radiate light in their close surroundings. From now on I will refrain from uploading material about it, except for new morphological characteristics
























But now with the Arachnid, as in so many other flyers they have seen, walking through this courtyard and diving head first to the ground at unstoppable speeds, or that if they reverse before crashing against the ground they should ascend, but we see that they do not they do, then what doubts will exist of what they submerge in the depths of the Earth, as if it did not exist?








The beings of this sector have been born from the magnetism of my lights for more than a month approximately.

Vegetation is all I have for this test. I use this time in retort for greater clarity to one of them, which is this half ring, because the spherical ones on the floor are superimposed by the dazzled vegetable, which is no longer useful to the experiment.

These white beings have had a setback for my recklessness. At their birth they radiated short rays with the same characteristics of the Solcito, until I interfered with a metal plate and from that moment they were no longer visible to me. You can see these plates or trays on the bench, which I leave them there so that they get used to seeing them as “non-hostile” in later tests.









Two or more worlds with different planetary systems that enter into one, divided according to the dimension to which they belong

One is where inflexible matter and gravity prevail, populated only locally with organic life, and the other is where that same matter becomes more flexible with its moving and weightless space and inhabited with translucent and immaterial universal life.








Various figures are seen distributed in the two opposing magnetic fields, to which although science calls one as an attractive and repulsive force to the other, the one that exists here does not fit into the latter, nor is it a force, but rather I would identify it as a neutral state, or as antimotion or simple buoyancy immune to any forces.

The force lies in the membrane that separates or contains the gravity that comes from the other and contiguous II Dimension, which is ours. The latter is unprovable, unless the next LHD test is successful, producing a kind of “puncture into space by the mini black hole in that membrane” (to my little understanding), which however should be accompanied by luck. rise of space, or pull of space in all directions, which I have not yet resolved with certainty at this point, which indicates that the phenomenon to be created may not only be quantum but physical as well.

They, the figures in the video, are obtained on the ground, as objects with the three lengths of length, width and height, because they are surrounded by my instruments, or by walls, floors, ceilings and within the vegetation that makes it necessary to place them in a defined space typical of each one of them, its volume being what we analyze and not a photograph in two lengths as those LHC tests will be.

Two methods of looking at them.

A- Today they announce for next week to destroy atoms at the LHC, located at the CRN in Geneva, Switzerland, and show the other parallel world, or that it will reveal “a completely new universe” or that our gravity could leak into that other dimension, auguring a new physics and a new philosophy, although in the future it could be tested with the detection of mini black holes, all in charge of the head of the team of scientists Mir Faizal. And I do not doubt that through this technique science will find – at the cost of great human and financial resources – the way to build the ships that will conquer space by abbreviated routes from the other dimension, which I have announced from the beginning of this work.

B- Nosotros para hacerlo hoy 10-15-2020 a hs p.m. 21:40′, debemos sólo con discreción, no interrumpir el paso del magnetismo del que están hechos y que salen de las luces led, como de dónde provienen, porqué de lo contrario, saldrán de la visibilidad nuestra, aunque sigan estando las 24 horas en el mismo lugar. Mi método no puede tener progreso porque se detendrá conmigo.









It is observed, and not for the first time, that the length of these rays are the radius of a moving white circumference, equal to planets already seen, as a characteristic of many of them, and that I only understand it by their magnetic constitution and their oscillations. that are in fulfillment of its many natural tasks that are demanded of it by the needs of the more than ecosystem of the Noorhn Colony of the New parallel Universe.




A comment on this from parallel worlds.

In scientific fields they deduce, from data that they do not claim to have obtained or from where, or if it is imaginative, that parallel universes are like sheets of paper one on top of the other, in two dimensions or lengths of width and length. Nothing to do with what we have in sight. One world is not parallel to another, which I imagine means that they are in layers or in self-absorbed planes with separation or together
If we could call them parallel, but clarifying that it is in a figurative sense.

We could also call it New Universes, enclosing within that adjectivalized expression worlds that will appear with their varied letters and numbers to differentiate them, and it would be a terminology similar to New World understandable by all and used by the Spanish Crown to refer to the discovery of Columbus to this unknown continent.

As this new world that I discover will not be the only “other world” that will exist, because they will be infinite, then we must not deny those observations of being sheets of paper as possible.

Those that they will discover at some point in the LHC through mini black holes, may well be as they describe them, because they are not looking for a New Civilization with its own planetary system, but only to verify that a portion of our gravity is diverted or left our universe, giving evidence that the universe that has received it is another, and if that happens, it is because there is the much sought after other Parallel Universe. And that would have nothing to do with ours and other worlds that I have known, of which we know a lot from having put video cameras through the dividing membrane of those worlds that are not parallel, because if it had been, it would have had the benefit that the human would have discovered it centuries ago or long before me.

I say that because of this discovery we do not have philosophical questions because we are already the answer: The other world exists. We comply with the sciences by giving them a new phenomenon with bases for their reconstruction, which although peripheral, is the subject under study, with data and information that is broader than one could have imagined that it would be presented.

Whoever sees this work, will find that the Noorhn Universe is mixed with ours. If you wanted to make The Conjunction of these two natures, you should sketch a comb or the teeth of a saw and put a person at the tips down and put one of those translucent beings in the void, because we both coexist in the same way. multidirectional plane, to the point that when I walk by my house I avoid running over them, and to the top I arrive, that even in my thoughts, and by acquired habits, I say “permission”, when passing next to them to avoid bad consequences, that if someone will listen to me will doubt my sanity. The observer of this website has witnessed multiple punishments that I have received for having invaded their privacy. We harass each other daily and today I’m still paying for the last of them. We are not parallel. I have said it before, that we both live side by side, side by side, and both with unforeseen movements. We surround each other like the air or the rain.

However, I believe that this is not a matter of semantics alone, but of measuring by the repercussions of the news and whether or not it will be alarmist before the public. Telling the truth from my point of view can be very unsettling, and if I released some images like the one I am with the Cosmic Arachnid inside my house, we would exceed expectations to the extreme, bringing them closer to panic, and instead if we say Parallel Worlds, it is more reassuring because it gives the idea that “they” are not part of our daily life, but of being in different but distant spaces, which is what counts.










Let us admit from one of these videos, given the initial measures before his matamorphic transformation, that we all have a lot of experience, that he finally disappears from his second home which is my house and through the floor to the deepest part of the planet, where is he your first home.



















Hs a.m 3:10′:00″








Since last year, he said, but did not show, because they were indistinguishable, that the Solcito accompanied him, because they came with him, some particles that we could see from 10 meters away, and they moved vertically as if attached to one of its rays.

Now I have them in front of me again, which although unnecessary, I point to it with my pointer. They stay for more than an hour.
















Night of only stormy conditions with strong winds, blackouts, etc., no rain and no placentas eggs or any activity on the rock.










It is unfortunate that the team shows the choppy film and cannot solve it. It doesn’t obey my keystroke.

This new visitor of variable luminosity will remain for study. But curiosity does not reside in this either, but rather in a kind of rhythmic accompaniment in the movements of the plant and the visitor.

The plant moves by the action of the wind, as I see in two other contiguous plants. The visitor who is installed inside the plant, which already attracts my attention, tries to accompany the movement of the plant, which adds the intrigue since it is the first time that this interrelation or game of both dimensions has happened. It is pending its repetition, although I doubt that there will be changes.






The notions that I have given about parallel worlds, are based on the simplicity of seeing a state of affairs with sporadic visibility, observed through the door peephole.

This is how science behaves today to obtain certainties when it is interested in having an answer to the origin of matter, doubts that I also have since my first day and that I have not been able to hide my enthusiasm when discovering that invisible beings were carriers of matter when they jump from a fringe of the vegetable, it moves just as when an insect does, or by the revote of the led lights.

Hence my expression that I always repeat of “voluntary creation” is born. That matter, or the effects that we identify as such, is generated by just a decision of whoever it is. And this does not solve anything, but rather it complicates the scientist because this is entering states not yet imagined that it is preferred not to enter.

It is inevitable for me to venture into the subject that I always avoid:

The inhabitants of the Noorhn Colony, of double nature: organic matter that with the force of voluntary conversion pierce the rock, to the extreme point that they seem not to notice that this matter is insurmountable for others. I think that we are on the threshold of doubts due to the cause of the formation of matter, without having to resort to opting for the quantum vacuum or the friction of elementary particles, when in laboratories or colliders it has not yet been seen to be born. element.

Small real green leaves that I have held in my hands, come out of the walls of a rock, which is stone, as if it did not exist, giving us the message that matter may have another way of explaining it. Or that they see me insist on the cause-effect links, because they are the emanations and so I make it evident

That the parallel universes are one, but double-sided for some phenomena, when there is a reason that we do not know.

In other words, our nature has everything, and having access presents obstacles of a personal nature and another alien to us. As for the first, we do not classify objects of interest because we do not admit our limitations of what is acceptable, of what is not. And it adds the full inadvertence of the possibilities to the magnitudes in our environment at intermediate scales to those studied in other orders, or because everything is out of the general interest because it is small. But think of the announcements expected by the public for the archaeologist to present his last giant piece, as the Natural Sciences Museums do not feel in their place until they have to exhibit these grandeurs. It is cultural because of this myopia, where no one is absent.

The second impediment is the impossibility of entering that hidden face, and that access will depend on the personal but natural aptitudes of the researcher and
not having the resistance of the area to enter.

But let’s see what is interesting, and answer to these concerns and that is where I want to go

As we know today, or that only I know so as not to make anyone carry this weight, that the stars play another role in nature, or that the Sun has within our planet and dimension, part of its chemical and gaseous essence of its matter, in our volcanic lava, which is the means by which this organic life rises that we did not know from Noorhn, and why not see there the answers we seek?

That there resides that other face of the New Universe, what gives other attributes to its organic beings and matter appears out of nowhere? Go to big ben in search of antimatter? But if these special igneous pieces that have the traces of the great intrigue abound on earth in the order of almost 20%.

And that this hypothesis contains elements that are very ours and that are prior to Big Ben, because who will doubt that these invisible beings, forces and phenomena are prior to the birth of the universe, and that if they are not its architects, they have been when all matter and life were has created.

Seeing placentas eggs floating and electrical beings giving birth, is not it above old and new theories in this matter?






This camera presents humidity that darkens the images, which I must emphasize that it is since the afternoon that I filmed this phenomenon for the first time, without being able to demonstrate what kind of link occurs between these events. It is also possible that this muted tonality is due to corresponding to that Dimension in all sectors of the house, which, going through it all, appears the same.

This has not prevented me from capturing what interests me, which is the independence of these extradimensional beings from the magnetism that emanates from the electromagnetism of this low consumption light.

It appears from less to more gradually and is maintained for 50 minutes before these lights are turned on in the early hours or close to sunset, which is when they are turned on. Its luminosity is exaggerated, but with the halo in another color that it previously exhibits, but in less intensity.

In other words, it is generated today when its electrons do not have movement or are not excited and its magnetism is in neutral, in contrast to the samples we have since 2019. So why do they resort to activated lights?

And it ends when this painting is reversed, lighting this luminaire, in which our invisible being instantly leaves the place or retreats to its wiring.








HS A.M. 00: 00 ‘: 10 “

Last night from this camera # 2 I take off the smoked glasses that were superimposed

We are disoriented by the first image that I stop, this specimen that shows its ovoid-shaped halos surrounding the body of the same figure, where perhaps the infrared light has to do with the formation of those circles.

Or is it the Cosmic Arachnid according to who it is that appears in the following video obtained after 75 ‘.

And in the last video that in choppy images so as not to exceed time, this multiple specimen is transformed into an Open Leaf, already metamorphosed into another, which flies into a space densely populated by planets in larger measures. It is also seen in the Anti-aerodynamic and Supervelóz













C2 / EN
10-24-2020 at a.m. 03:09 ‘








The pulsating light shows his face


It is pleasant to move forward, especially if it is to see the Face of the Pulsating Light and how its figure changes, abandoning its double spherical bearing or surrounding itself with its quadrangular white cloud.

You can also see that other being that I have not yet put his name on and that is on our right, and thus immobile for a month, having modified only its initial cylindrical shape as it begins, but keeping its position and all wrapped in two dimensional clouds in two shades.

The Faces that interest us, and perhaps remember it, appear after a long period, an attitude identical to the Solcito that only shows it once. This one would be missing, the Palpitant, depending on its hierarchy, if it carries as the Solcito does, or not, the triangular emblem of three elements inside that body, symbolizing the very Astro Rey.

What is the reason for hiding their faces?

Al Solcito, which takes more than a year to show its partial face, now does it again as a tiny Sun in its fixed red color – which not even the Astro Rey himself has in both dimensions – and which previously concealed it.
Only these days we see it complete.









I had always taken for granted, based on repeated concretions, that they were studying me out of distrust, but that this does not make sense, that if they have more intelligence than us, it is not the case. This changes me when they embed their very nature on my forehead. Then I was wrong, and that slow process is due to the fact that they also have difficulties like us and that it takes them that long to put them in our Dimension and before my sight, certain images of their Higher Beings, as other phenomena that perhaps we will never know for this reason , which is more than worrying.

Why does it mean that if there are certain impediments in them, what remains for us? Yes it is not just waiting to know everything about them, it will take a lot of time and I mean not to me, but to the sciences that this will come to them one day, who only after they abandon those ideas that in particle colliders, of the graviton, of matter and dark energy, supersymmetry, such as antimatter and the next novel particles that will appear, that only there or in them are as the only possibility, the keys to the decipherment of the fascinating, and that later, when those efforts Generations of knowledge are exhausted, it is when it becomes possible to direct their attention to magma and igneous material that is collected from the earth’s surface and not drilling to the depths.

Perhaps teenage explorers should set out from universities in their search. I upload two photos of my expedition in 1998 published in the Buenos Aires newspaper La Nación. In the first one I have Hugo, the valuable and loyal Indian of the Tonocoté tribe, to my right, with collaborators and in the other, sons and nephews. Amazon is spreading it in Japan, India, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Spain and South America.

An Astrophysicist from the USA, who maintains by mathematics or speculation, or from NASA itself when finding particles that come in cosmic rays from another dimension of the past, that I am noting myself, describing them categorically that the other World of this Universe Parallel goes back in time, not differing much from my position, which is more specific and complex with respect to the space-time of this other face, which has always originally resided in the center of the Earth and appears on its surface and airspace. , living at the same time with ours, but also with his own, he does so with his past, and that he exhibits us every day. Their theories and my vision differ somewhat, as you will notice, without affecting this analysis.

It is not the case to ask if my finding is not a “probe” in a trip to the past in which “those intrigues” appeared, with this new resource of knowledge?









March 10, 2021

I repeat it. It corresponds to November 25, 2020. I would have to reinsert it in each Section, not only because it is the most viewed, but also because it shows his body movement. In addition to the fact that the content of this website is very long, most readers enter only one section or another and fail to see that these beings by their will if they have sustained movements in a way that we can recognize.

And for this reason these new forms of intelligent lives are precisely misunderstood, because they lack movements. For months, night and day in quiet that is not leisure. They make and carry out their natural mandates. Although always stiff, which, added to their lack of defined lines, resemble for these causes more indefinite spots or small white or raw clouds without bodies or faces floating, than to intelligent beings or individuals or animals of our nature that have been seen or imagined.



That is to say that they have no recognizable form, to suppose them to be “lives” by themselves, nor their intelligence since they cannot distinguish a face where it can fit. No feet to walk or mouths to feed. At least now we see him doing “braceadas”, in the style of our dancers. As for the face, once I manage to see it only to this being, and to others but in doubts today.

In this video one of them “comes alive” because he moves abruptly for the only time and without concealment in annoyed response to my express request not to leave that music room until they show me his face. After a month it fulfills in this way how they are seeing it and moves to the adjoining gallery. The other that you see next to him, continues for 5 months also faithful to my request to always have him close to me in case I need him. But to make it possible, I do not allow anyone to enter, or to clean that room. I have it closed although I can enter without turning on lights, unless it is from the cell phone.

I will repeat it in more, to help the understanding that the stillness of those other figures, is just a pose chosen by their nature, and that I compensate it with the animation accelerated by spacers of the cameras in intervals of 30 “each. , that otherwise they would go unnoticed.







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