Let’s look at the inferences that come from the films.

– The species do not necessarily come from bacteria. They could be born as complete bodies like you see the beetle.

– The sciences are inconsistent about the appearance of organic life and inorganic matter. To the first one, they assign a slow process from the bacterial state to us. And to the second, everything at once.

– If the tiny individuals that I show to you as a form of intelligent life are matter-energy, the state that they show when they pass through the rock, then they have their origin in energy based progenitors.

– We see the hatchery as the only origin of every organic or energy being.

– All of the species are born with the identity that they have today. We are not the result of the alterations, mutations, or adaptations of the environment, but instead of its origin.

– Not all of the species fertilized in the dimension prior to our own descend and live among us, and everything indicates, judging by the energetic movement in the eggs, that they also give life to others, and only to energetic life beings, without organic matter, that are the third form of intelligent life that we did not record, but that you will meet today and you will even see me run my hand over one of these invisible beings. They are invisible and weightless beings like the mother egg, made of only invisible energy, and they exist solely in their first dimension which is not ours.

– Be who it may, the first born of the species in the state of organic matter and energy, comes from its colony of eggs in solely weightless energy state and that are swarming in their own invisible dimension that is only shown to me for now. This happens in reality, because they both coexist inside the ecosystem that I film. And whatever today is made solely of organic matter cannot have been derived from a different origin. The origin of life corresponds to a single model of nature.

– The life of the soul comes before the life of the body or organic matter and with impressive security, the soul can unhook itself from the body with instantaneous ease.

– If this is our origin why is it not also the origin of the inorganic matter?

– If there exists a process that transforms energy into organic matter, what is to stop the appearance of inorganic matter, when this is the matter that is most abundant on the planet?

– What impedes the Conversion Force that we can now see clearly from implanting inorganic matter from nothing?

– Because of who they are and their weightless nature, they can have immense tasks like sustaining and pushing all of the planets, because they do it from the other light and weightless dimension, which they achieve with their unknown waves or white lights of maximum power, unimaginable to us.

– Because of where man comes from, his soul is more real than his body.

– And I leave for last that which is first, but I share it in this order because it is very complicated to admit.

To accept my conclusions, you must be, or let yourself be taken to this other dimension that I have described.

It is one that exists before ours, populated only by intelligent beings in a state of energy, where nothing has weight or matter, that have the fundamental tasks for our existence and the existence of the planet.

This does not surprise the physicists of the prestigious Max Planck Institute of Physics and Solid Chemistry in Germany, that today explain the axiom particles in space, inside the string theory, or the distinct dimensions.

This author lives within this other habitat of the new form of intelligent life, also of his discovering, and has photographed and filmed all of these phenomena of the 8 new forces of nature.











This event takes place on our right of the screen, when the weightless egg-placenta is next to the double and brushed stick.

This is a first description of one of our invisible beings, who are shown by their sporadic flashes and by the intervention of the well-known Healing Force that receives the new being appeared and leaves it on the ground or throws it into the air.

See in images of February 18, 2018, taken by EN-Chamber 3, in these successive times chronologically.

The fertilizing egg breeds its copy in a gestational process that brings together the characteristics of the birth of organic animal life. That is, a small white energy rotates within that placenta following a rhythm with downward movements and is received by a third party entering this sector at hs. 24 ’17’.

This helps, in addition to being a rainy night, if we see the Healing Force, or “La Paz del Ángel”, at the foot of the egg that is waiting for the release of the kid or copy that will make it for the lower lip that these eggs possess . At that moment, see that this force in the form of a dense cloud, hurries into contact with that organ of the egg. He receives it. He has it with her and the baby flashes in five moments with a design format that is already known to us.

See in internal screen time:

Hs. 28 ’02’ ’
Hs. 28`25 ’’
Hs. 28’35 ’’
Hs. 28 ’48’, and
Hs. 28 ’51’

Then they all disappear (at hs. 28 ’51’) ending, say, this electric birth, which is contrary to what I thought: that the invisible were removed by the side parts of the egg. Now with this novelty it leaves us in doubt whether to have an exit port if energy does not require it, unless they possess matter, or considered so in that dimension.





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