There are two to four ways to superficially see this topic, but whichever way is the natural truth that ends up being accepted on a general level, they, the placenta eggs, show us that this is the first implanting of life on our planet, in a safe way.

Either 1) it is the first gestation of life in this oval shaped placenta, or 2) it is a traveler from our depths or from the heights between which there may have always been interaction from the birth of everything, that comes like an energy, passes through the egg and reappears in its same state, 3) unless the fertilizing and gestation are done between two or three successive eggs . 4) If, physiologically or morphologically, these eggs have deep inside of them the vulva that ejects the fetus, as if they already knew that gravity would do its part, that is an indicator that even though they are the eggs of a being made up of only energy, they are prepared to give birth to both organic and inorganic life in cycles that we yet to determine, because to give birth to beings that are of the same unique energy lineage as the egg would not require a specific organ.

Keep in mind that the activity in the hatchery is only active during the month of November, and preferably during an electric storm.

Before this birth, the beetle was unknown in this space, and after its arrival, it is the predominant insect among all of the insects here.

Keep in mind that the screen speed that we use to watch these eggs allows us to see the movement of the organic matter inside the egg. The time that is seen in the video is in 16x, without an explanation for this. And given the distance to the egg, it could be proven in others.

To this film of the egg we should add an adjacent camera. In this one, it also shows this same organic matter and the shadow in a transverse sense, like the first journey of the fetus or traveler that you are not seeing until it shows the other visible face to you, appearing from above to below until its expulsion.

This second possibility here would be a very frequent case of Transformation and Transportation of Matter, that scientists today dream of in the realm of science fiction. But the way that it moves around inside the placenta and starts with the fetus in a full body, without previous gestation, apparently shows this new possibility to be certain, although I lean towards the massive intervention of the other eggs in the fertilizing and gestation passing from one egg to the other which is why they are always seen together.

In my Spanish novel, to alleviate the reader, I say that the story contained in the pages is fantasy, and that this rock is a PORT OF ENTRY OR EXIT TO GO AND COME BACK FROM THE CENTER OF THE EARTH.

But with its ease to change from a wave or energy to matter like you are about to see and experience, and if we go back to those far off days, there is no doubt that this is the first origin of our planet, or of human life and every organic species and the matter itself.

But I regress. After reaching this criteria of the origin of the species, one of these fetuses fell on me, a light brown and no more than 2.5 to 3 centimeters long. Contrary to two other similar cases, it does not seek to enter the rock, but buries itself 20 centimeters away from it and maybe because of my terrifying presence.

Nevertheless, a possible error of mine in this case worries me because it is more than obvious that whether they are eggs that procreate invisible life forms or other like eggs, they are progenitors, not beetles or spiders. Additionally, every night I have these scenes and only one birth is not logical. There must be many. I will continue until I can confirm or deny this point.

So then we find that this one that was born or launched from the egg is not a fetus but an adult male or female, because in my land and around the rock, there exist others that are from 1 centimeter to .03 centimeters in length. This is to say, other young ones that were not engendered by this one that recently appeared.

I do not understand this. Is nature, and whichever dimension it comes from, sending adult species to compete with the ones already born here? Or is nature replenishing or increasing the population of this species that already exists? Does nature not trust in its own natural reproduction plan to efficiently supply itself?

We can also look at it another way and simplify it by accepting what is known, that we came from bacteria, that the fetus that fell is not a fetus but rather an adult traveler transported and changed from energy to matter and my house is the port of entry.

Choose for yourselves which option fits best in your minds.

But this will be a new, confusing chapter for Biology, Zoology, and Entemology and it will help if we first review what has been seen.

Today two forms of intelligent life exist. ‘Ours’ and ‘Theirs’.

‘We’ are two species. The intelligent organic human and the organic animal that is not intelligent.

‘They’ are four species. A- The organic human – tiny and intelligent energy, B- the organic vegetation – intelligent energy, C- the organic animal – reduced energy, and D- the invisible, supraintelligent, energetic inorganic beings that can clearly be seen in the reproduction of the eggs.

Under what natural resource or resources do we appear in the center or on the surface of the planet?

The discovered eggs, which doesn’t matter if they are seen in another dimension since it is sufficient that they were caught on camera, have and should be the only form of appearance of the whole species, be it ‘ours’ or ‘theirs’, until something different is shown. It is a natural design that is not known today.

The growth, mutation, and transformation of the species should be suspended for now. We must separate it from Darwin forever or at least for a long time.

Do you see then, why I insist that our planet, with its deep center full of wonders, is something that is unique and incomparable?

You should be more concerned about the center of our earth.












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