Sixth Specimen



Up to this point, I have observed that only the ‘King’ and the ‘Queen’ appear to be in an upright position and the ‘Evil Spiral’ clearly is this way. This last one rests like our bats: head down and feet up.


I have also verified that the ‘Evil Spiral’ and the ‘Superfast Copulator’ confirm Newton’s theory about zero gravity in the center of the planet due to the evenness of mass in all directions, and widely accepted by science.


In addition, observe that speed is exaggerated in both of these cases, in comparison with their neighbors who are extremely slow. Here on the Earth’s surface, the speed is fast, but down below, it is only a slight effort to move themselves without touching the floor or the walls, like the other specimen do, and in this way, counteracting the natural state of floating.


In the case of the ‘Copulator’ this ability fulfills an additional useful role that benefits the society, because if, as it appears to me, he is the only one of all of the races in the colony that breeds, reproduction would be affected if he weren’t able to move and be present in various places quickly.


These two tiny beings show that reproduction and the defense of the colony are naturally their priority, adapting and mutating the hereditary characteristics to their natural environment.