Videos of New Curiosities



Two words first


My objective, among others, is to contribute to science from my position as the possessor of new elements that potentially help in part to explain something that is of more interest to the conquest of space, such as the unavailability of water, oxygen, and insufficient speed.


That is to say, I look for the clock of time, the liquid life and the life of the gases, or its unique characteristic of reproducing itself by itself, impossible today, and another, new force or energy that is of yet unknown, but that would be an angular rock used to get to other worlds. In this way the missions to far away points would be completed and they would survive with a few grams of water or oxygen, that fill the atmosphere of a room, or a fountain, work that they themselves would carry forward.


At one moment, I thought I was close to two of them, but the repetition of tests have not given a positive result.


So, today I only have to offer you:


  • 1) Tiny beings with more than 30 different vertebrate races among them, organized before our own, in peaceful, educated, and religious communities. But their existence by itself doesn’t offer us anything new and we do not advance in any way.
  • 2) Vegetation that walks by itself and separated from its roots, without knowing the quality of their intelligence, but knowing that they do have intelligence, as the tiny ones like our own have proven to possess. But, if all of them are inhabitants of the same rock, we cannot discern which ones are intelligent and which ones are not. In order to survive, this vegetation uses energy that is ingested from food or they breathe gases, which is also not of any help to us.
  • 3) The new structure or vision of the depths of our planet would only satisfy our curiosity but doesn’t help us advance in any way, in a time when we are not prepared to understand it.
  • 4) And the latest appearance of the ‘Divine Energy’, with only leaves us with more questions, but no one has the answers, until first the scientists agree on what electricity is and other general and quantum physics phenomena that are still unknown. If I do not explain this at the beginning, I don’t see that it would be possible to explain this new energy belonging to the rock and its inhabitants, which can only be observed in my videos.



It is the same energy that was shown by the asteroid ‘’Oumuamua’’ and I have seen that my rock has the same energy, and for some reason I am the one that is making these announcements that confuse everyone, even though I have been waiting for this and other things that will come in their time, for more than 30 years, and that should be awaited and prepared for, if you will abandon the skepticism that surrounds you today and impedes analysis.


This divine energy is for me, the Fifth Elemental Force of Nature, and in truth, being that I am only a lawyer, I don’t have anyone to support me nor represent me to the academic circles that would make my proposals more plausible. But if this humor helps you to believe, even though it is obvious by itself, my manner of presenting everything that I have done in a credible format is faulty in that ‘’a lawyer doesn’t have the capacity to have such a wild and limitless imagination to come up with these new scenarios that he is showing us’’, it is because there is no other option than that everything is true and he is only describing what he has seen with his eyes, without any other motive. In other words, they have reduced me to a simple photographer, without anything of my own part, and this works better.


What is more, I do not intend to be recognized nor regaled by you, because I have already received this recognition from the Better World that is the Kingdom of Wonder and Fantasies of the Fairies, from the Gnomes and the Elves that have made me their Count of Noohrn, like their ‘’Great Warlock’’ who listens to the rocks, that sees the invisible, that talks to the vegetation fairies, to the waters, and the wind.


If I show in minutes, which is a lot, this phenomenon that is very clear in color and with perfectly defined cylindrical edges on all sides, as if it were a contained energy, with an inclination slightly forward and to the left as if aligning itself with the polar magnetism, and suffering also from the effect of the Newtonian gravity, this second one being more pronounced than the first, and that it is different from all other known energies that are not known to have one similar figure and one different. The known energies are undefined up to this point.


It is a clear morning. A projector points to the center from .40 cm.


This would be the other distinct particle to Higgs boson, since the mass of mine can be seen and on a larger scale. It is a Fundamental Force that is valued by itself and by them. From my point of view, I think that there are many other fundamental forces are yet to be found that would explain not only the entirety, but also the intermediate scales between ours and that of Higgs boson, the desired gravitation and other lesser ones that will also be discovered.


Its magnetic inclination, among other themes, shows us that it is part of the energy of our planet, and I say it sadly, since I imagine that many who dreamed will be disappointed – and that other neophytes like myself recommended – that by preferring that this, ours, be a martian presence so that in a flash it will be given to them or the solutions will be placed on the table for the scientists for all of their wonderings, without having to use any effort.


In my first observations, I had seen those colors in a haze of light above the rock, which surprised me as fascinating, but this was an expectation that I soon abandoned when it appeared recurrently for two or three days in the early hours of the morning, because I attributed it to being from the cable or radio companies that go out into the air, and they have been known to send out signals that distort the signal of my video cameras.


Now I present them for us to analyze at least its colors and the chemical or gaseous origin of them or its probable origin, because I don’t think that I will see it so splendidly again.



Do the inhabitants of the rock know about this image?


I would say that they know it from the beginning, because who am I to be the lucky one to first witness it?


Christianity and other religions during their early days prohibited the reproduction of divine images, and only in the latest centuries has this changed. This impediment gave birth to figurative arte, or the use of other natural figures as symbols that explain some biblical passage, like the fish which is to see or bee brothers in Christ, of course, secretly.


But I don’t believe that I am the only dignitary to see this precious image, because it is their god and the origin of all of their things. And why was it shown to me, so perfect, as if in a ghostly magical appearance?


Why do I reveal it to you?


Is it not the same as how Jehovah appeared to Moses on Mount Sinai, and the same as the revelations that other saints say to have seen? These weren’t in a direct image either. This is to be decided by each reader.


But I do not understand why the skilled sculptor, iron worker, etc., and I can prove today that he is sculpting me or already has my order with the gold that I provide, or that was done the first time in 992 with an electric artefact from my property, or this year, that they have reproduced a toy from my property in gold to put on the head of the deceased queen, replacing it for the older and more beautiful tiara that had sat upon her royal head. So I say, that this supposed prohibition has ended, if not, why would they not have sculpted their god in this way, just as we are seeing it now in the video? Let us leave this, because evidently they have not seen their god, just as happens with us in all of our religions.




If we are dealing with a new force or energy capable of pushing or lifting objects by itself, it will be the first one that we have on video or in photos and that we can locate in a specific time and position in this same time. But it is not only for the image, but because of its effects that for three decades I have feared it and continue to do so. It is not a shy force, as it appears in this image as calm and sweet, tilted as if resting on another one.


It is a universal force that confirms my physics and cosmological theories, guiding the planet together with the others on its trip without a destination and also sustaining it in the ether. Does it seem to be too much?


But if you are seeing it, it is an energy that is .7cm by .2cm (approximate measurement) and only one particle of its force. By chance, are you not impressed and amazed by how immense it is? But this is how it harmonizes with the great force that we attribute to it.


Noone has yet seen a quantum particle, nor been able to establish its position in a specific time, even though we take advantage of its benefits every day.


But everything that I ask of them, the infraterrestrial beings, they show me, give me, I believe that soon there will be more data o events that will bring us closer to a more sustainable hypothesis for you, because before putting them on camera, I already knew it, only missing:


a) That I could show you the levitation that is a preferred attribute of them and you, known as ‘’the candy’’ transparent, but that yo could not accept until there was another one suspended above the floor, but, if you observe more closely, it has in the form of a hat, foliage from the flowerbed that sticks to it and hovers over its head as it rises, which is not flight because they would have been blown away in that case.


b) That to them time passes more slowly than to us, a theme which scientists are passionate about, but if it were possible to have a fluid conversation with them and have them answer questions that with the current method of communication gives no results. It is only a matter of time for me.


c) And others that are not on our calendar for now, like this one, that the leaves are as intelligent as us and can move themselves freely just as we move ourselves.


d) And I estimate that everything will come to us, but that I must go slowly in my announcements.


This is the other Fundamental Universal Force and the only one that the scientific community is waiting for, and if we believe in it, it will take us everywhere, although it will take various millennia waiting for it to be recreated in the laboratory. So then it should be one of the scientific goals without losing time.



The geoastromin that we see in three colors is the nucleus of the particle that lives in the entire exterior and interior of the planets with mass or gases, and it possesses three functions which are listed below.


Before starting any activity, these three color tones are displayed and only the color of the attribute of each function is shown when it is that function’s turn and in the moment of operation.


The network of these particle, that is like the molecule of this super intelligent energy, works like a finely tuned cosmic machine that measures everything from the heights, with its movements and the directions of each body.


In this video we can see part of this operation, but it promises that we will be able to see all of the cycles.


These phenomena are the first born material, born with the formation of the planets, before the atmosphere and the water. They are the first building blocks that were used to build everything and nothing moves through the skies without possessing these geoastromin.


There are three colors in a single particle. They are vital for safe navigation and are perfectly aligned.


The green and orange colors are of greater power and sustain and push the heavenly beings as they roll through the great outspace, and the yellow in the lesser energy whose function is that of locator and radiobeacon, guiding the way.


It can be seen working, emiting or receiving in the strong white light and during the morning hours, until today.


And you may already be perceiving that my little white and green friends are the other faces of our early humanity.


Unfortunately, I must be critical of those that believe in the colliding of existent particles, if it is that their arguments are motivated by the desire to discover the origin of the universe, because they are the antithesis of this result. The geoastromin does not accept captivity, as if making us believe that it had humanity, and if you tried to capture it, no building would be left standing or worse, if you turned it off forever.


How to arrive at the origin of the universe if I am the only one who knows about the geoastromin?


Or if you knew about it, how do we analyze the origin if the particle is older that the universe?It would be like not considering the mother in a birth. And if you can observe that it works in a meticulous and planned way, which it does, you would realize that it does not do anything with a sudden explosion of any kind. We can see that everything is previously planned.


We can see an intelligence that is unexplainable today, except for the superficial effects that I am trying to describe and display.


What I am trying to say is that the theories that try to explain how the universe came to be are in vain if they do not include the role of this new great particle that lives in our geology and astronomy, that is superior to all imaginable intelligences, that is the first born in the infinity of the solar systems which it predates, and before, obviously, the Noohrn rock where it lives today in my house. This molecule is another instrument that is used by another greater intelligence, and if you want to deny God as the cause, it is because of the your exacerbated pride and self-sufficiency that you cannot see the limits of the human brain to enter into something that is not naturally given to us nor is within our reach or possibility, with the exception of what follows.

The Relative Invisibility and the Dimensional Conflict registered by the cameras, or Field Generation with Relative Invisibility

These events are presented to me regularly, but this one is brighter and perfectly clear.


I call it relative invisibility because what is seen with one camera and our eyes, is not seen by another camera, 20 cm higher than the first one. And the explanation is resolved by the concentration of the energy in another dimension, and we detect it if we are at almost the same level as the floor, in these cases, the geoastromin in activity is emitting white glints of light towards the heights. This always happens.


That is to say that when the lights descend, my land is fragmented into segmented, horizontal planes (like horizontal slices) and what happens in each segment can only be seen by the camera that is in front of it or if you bend down and put your cheeks on the ground, you can see it too. But if you lift your head 20 cm, you will no longer be able to see it.


Neither the other adjacent camera, 20 cm away, nor the other cameras catch nor perceive this energetic phenomenon that is the geoastromin, that you are seeing, nor the continuation of the event that lasts for an hour, that I am not showing, and I am keeping, when this super particle begins to activate, almost doubling in size, showing us its route through another solar system, younger than ours, where the planets are located elliptically around the rock, are closer together than ours (there are three or four in red, green and another light color). It is a fascinating and beautiful landscape which I see from my patio, looking down and to this camera, and that is hidden from the other seven cameras, and I receive it as a gift from them to encourage me to continue.


And I do this to awaken the young students of these sciences, that they would be more prepared to see these types of things and start out on expeditions in search of volcanic rock with geoastromins.


I observe that the conflict of scenes and times does not reach the insects, and that if only the energy is visible, it is because the energy is what protagonizes the different time-space dimensions, according to my experience, because this is not the only nor first of my experiences.


On another occasion, I had my eyes 168 centimeters from the ground when I saw another event which repeated itself entirely every few minutes. And other times when things have disappeared from enclosed spaces.


If it is difficult for you to understand and believe this, remember that I am not you.


The different dimensions live with us, alongside us, but the whirl of the cities and their disturbances impede our seeing them.


The cameras that don’t see anything is because nothing is happening directly in front of their lenses, and if another camera does capture the events during a prolonged lapse of time, it is only possible that it manages to do so because it sees the event from a dimension that is parallel in space and time. This being the case, the relative invisibility is for those who are not in the correct and generous dimension that is showing us wonders, as is the case of the Better World that I visit every day.


By way of testing done yesterday, Sunday, I have opened a new hypothesis, that the speed of light which is almost 3,000,000 km/h, is a maximum limit for light itself, but is not an obligational limit for other energies such as that of the geoastromin which can easily surpass that speed.


More planets have been shown to me, the most common colors are red, green, and yellow, although there are others that do not have color yet.


But one of them appears twice without cuts in the filming, in less than one minute. Why do I emphasize this?


Because during this time, its size decreases by almost half because of its movement away from the Geoastromin and this planet´s observer.


So then, what speed are we talking about?


Of speed multiplied by 500 or 1000?


It is not an effect of zoom, but rather the distances covered by the geoastromins, that only they, because of being builders and repairers of an entire solar system, can and should know the maximum speeds of light and waves.


This is the reason I decided to put the content of my website on hold, given that my patio is becoming a Natural Planetarium of scientifically inexplicable phenomena, whatever it may be.

Vertical White Energy

Green Energy Over Plant

Minor and Green Energy



Is there still anyone who doubts that the center of the earth holds other intelligent lives that are more interesting than our own?

Intent to rape a 10 day old plant

Assailant prowls for its vegetation victim and gives up

Leaf interacts with caterpillars

Three leaves socialize

Ants that recognize them as vegetation

Leaf leaves the rock. Mutates to a material wave

2 leaves on a walk

Dry leaf jumps over a stick